What if I told you that it’s possible to get an annual return of nearly 10% – without the risk of stocks, real estate or other volatile investments?

Watch the Video above to see proof of the return of Bank On Yourself (then click on the icon in the lower right to enlarge)

I’m pretty sure you’d wonder what I’ve been smoking!

But I’m going to prove to you how the Bank On Yourself method has achieved that kind of return over the last half century.

To quickly recap, Bank On Yourself relies on a super-charged variation of an asset that has increased in value every single year for more than 160 years – dividend-paying whole life insurance. It’s never had a losing year – EVER.

It’s not subject to the ups and downs of volatile investments like stocks, real estate, gold, currencies or commodities.

And while you’d think that would be enough of a reason to include it in your financial plan, Wall Street has brainwashed us into believing we have to risk our money in order to get decent growth.

So we invited one of the Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors to share a recent annual statement for a policy his father purchased in March of 1969 – a few months before the advisor was born.

Dad paid the annual premium of $1,054 out of his pocket for the first 19 years. After that, he let the policy “self-fund,” meaning he let the policy’s dividends pay the premiums.

That meant Dad paid in a total of just over $20,000, and the annual statement you’ll see in the video shows the cash value had grown to over $153,000.

The advisor then uses a calculator to demonstrate that the annual return on that policy to date was 6.19%. And Dad enjoyed it without the risk or volatility or sleepless nights of stocks, real estate and other traditional investments.

We captured the surprising proof in this video.

Now I know a lot of people who would happily bypass the heart-stopping roller-coaster ride of the Wall Street Casino for a return like that. You may even be in that camp.

But That’s Only HALF of the Story, Because…

… We’re not even close to comparing apples to apples!