Success Tips from Sir Richard Branson

Last week I was fortunate to spend some time with mega-successful entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and 100 other top entrepreneurs.

Pamela Yellen & Sir Richard Branson
Pamela Yellen & Sir Richard Branson

Branson conceived the Virgin Group in 1970 and it has gone on to grow very successful businesses (Virgin Mobile & Virgin Airlines to name a few) in numerous sectors.1

We had a chance to ask Sir Richard questions and here are five Success Tips he shared:

Success Tip #1…

Your business life starts at home – pick a good partner and respect them for who they are.

Success Tip #2…

The biggest challenge business owners run up against is being risk averse.  At some point, you have to just say, “Screw it, let’s do it!”

Success Tip #3…

It’s important to keep fit – you’ve only got one body.  Try to find fun ways to do it.

Success Tip #4…

Praise your team/employees – never criticize them.  Treat them right and they’ll do anything for you.

Success Tip #5…

Don’t take yourself too seriously!

I found it fascinating that when one of us asked a question of Sir Richard, he would often respond by asking a question back; he seemed genuinely interested in us as individuals and it tied right into Success Tip #4.  Sir Richard simply makes you feel that you matter.  And he always looks for the best in people.

Sounds like a blueprint for a life well-lived!

Food for thought…

Number of times the DOW has crossed 11,000 – up or down – since first breaking it on May 3, 1999: 65!2  For the record, Bank On Yourself plans have NEVER gone backwards – they only have one direction: UP!
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2. “How to Play a Market Rally”, The Wall Street Journal, November 15, 2010 (The DOW has since crossed 11,000 at least two more times)

The truth about investing in mutual funds

Investors earn returns over time that are far lower than those quoted by mutual fund firms.  In fact, it’s not even a close race.”

This is the conclusion of DALBAR, Inc., the well-respected independent investment research firm.1

For the past 20 years, “the average equity investor barely managed to eke out an annualized return that outpaced inflation.”  The average return was 3.49% per year – just slightly more than the inflation rate for that period!

Asset allocation and fixed income investors weren’t so lucky (if you can call that “luck”); they lost ground after adjusting for inflation.

Why most investors don’t come close to getting the returns touted in mutual fund prospectuses…

There are plenty of reasons for this.  For starters…
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Bank on Yourself hits The New York Times Best Seller List!

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Pamela Yellen interviewed on Sky Radio

Sky Radio recently did a 3-minute interview with Pamela Yellen on Bank On Yourself, and why it’s a more dependable, worry-free approach to saving for the future than conventional methods.

The interview will play on all audio-equipped flights on Virgin America and US Airways early next year, but you can listen to a sneak preview of it here.Listen to the interview here

Pamela Yellen and Bank On Yourself will also be featured in January in a video series on “The Innovators” that will be broadcast in prime time on the CNN Airport Network in 44 of the busiest U.S. airports.

We’ll post a preview of that video here as soon as it’s ready.

Enjoy! And please tell us what you think…

Smartest financial move ever made?

Recently, a senior editor of the respected personal finance publication, Kiplinger, described the best financial move he’s ever made:

My wisest move was buying whole life insurance in the 1990s, precisely when countless books and articles mocked whole life as obsolete. My wife, Debbie, did the same. In the ten-plus years that we’ve paid $5,000 a year combined into our policies, both from extremely sound mutual-insurance companies, we’ve built substantial five-figure cash values, can borrow from them instantly at virtually no cost and haven’t paid a cent of tax on the earnings.”1

Like most people who have Bank On Yourself plans, Jeff’s only regret is probably that he didn’t put more into the policies!

It’s a virtual certainty that Jeff and Debbie’s policies are traditional dividend-paying whole life policies, rather than the specially-designed, super-charged variation used for the Bank On Yourself method.

Had Jeff and Debbie’s policies been designed the Bank On Yourself way, they’d have significantly more cash value now.

As the Dow moved through the 10,000 mark this week, a dose of reality is in order…

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Bank On Yourself featured in Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Sun Times Sidebar

The Chicago Sun Times recently spotlighted Bank On Yourself in a special supplement on “Money Management: Your Educational Guide to Achieve Personal Financial Stability.”

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Pamela Yellen was one of a panel of four experts profiled in the supplement.

The article about Bank On Yourself was titled, “A New Approach to Personal Financial Security.”

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Martin Weiss says Bank On Yourself "is a great book"

Martin Weiss, Ph.D.
Martin Weiss, Ph.D.

Finance and investment expert and New York Times best-selling author, Martin Weiss, Ph.D., recently interviewed me. You can listen to this fast-paced and timely interview by just turning up your speakers and click here.

Dr. Weiss wrote the subscribers to his “Money and Markets” newsletter about how he had just read my book and felt it has excellent advice on “coping with low investment income in tough times.”

So, I hope you enjoy our 35-minute interview.

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Bank On Yourself book hits major bestseller lists: Wall Street Journal, #1 USA Today, #1 Amazon

On The Air

The secret is out: Pamela Yellen’s first book on the Bank On Yourself concept is a major best seller, hitting #1 on the USA Today and Amazon best-seller lists, and is also a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly best seller.

On The Air

The book is flying off the shelves, and the publisher rushed to print more copies, which will soon flood all the major book sellers, as well as Target, Costco, Wal-Mart and other outlets to fill demand for the book. [Read more…] “Bank On Yourself book hits major bestseller lists: Wall Street Journal, #1 USA Today, #1 Amazon”

Bank On Yourself featured on nationally syndicated TV

I was recently interviewed about Bank On Yourself on the nationally syndicated TV Show, Daytime.

Check it out – it’s only 4 minutes long. My friends have been known to call me “motor mouth”, and I can tell you that paring the message down to fit into a two-to-four minute time frame for the many TV and radio interviews I’ve been doing isn’t easy, but I’m getting better at it. Check it out here and let me know what you think: