A 9.94% Annual Return Without Market Risk? [Video Proof]

What if I told you that it’s possible to get an effective annual return of nearly 10% over time – without the risk of stocks, real estate or other volatile investments?

Watch the Video above to see proof of the return of Bank On Yourself (then click on the icon in the lower right to enlarge)

I’m pretty sure you’d wonder what I’ve been smoking!

But I’m going to prove to you how you would have to get a 9.94% return every year in a tax-deferred account like a 401(k) or IRA to equal the return of a Bank On Yourself Plan over the last half century.

To quickly recap, Bank On Yourself relies on a super-charged variation of an asset that has increased in value every single year for more than 160 years – dividend-paying whole life insurance. It’s never had a losing year – EVER – including during the Great Depression. [Read more…]

Bank On Yourself: The Ultimate Wealth-Building Strategy Video

Do you know what your retirement account will be worth on the day you plan to tap into it? If you’re like most people, you don’t have a clue. Well, here’s a reality check – that’s not a plan; it’s gambling.

Because people have blindly followed the conventional wisdom about investing and retirement planning advice, most baby boomers have been forced to postpone retirement an average of five years…and nearly half aren’t expected to have enough money in retirement to cover even basic living expenses, like food and medical care.1

At Bank On Yourself, we believe the decision of whether and when to retire – or not – should be a matter of choice, not necessity. If that makes sense to you, we urge you to watch this fast-paced video revealing seven reasons to consider using the Bank On Yourself method as a safe and proven alternative to traditional retirement plans.

Click the play button in the video below and see how many of these
seven advantages you’d like to have in your financial plan…

Bank On Yourself gives you guarantees, predictability, control, tax advantages and peace of mind missing from traditional financial planning

Want to find out how much money you could have – guaranteed – in 10 years, 30 years, and at any point along the way if you added Bank On Yourself to your financial plan?
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1. Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, March 2012 Report

Fire Your Banker Video Contest Results

Wow! We received more than 150 terrific entries when we invited readers to tell us what you think about our unusual new video on “How to Fire Your Banker and Become Your Own Source of Financing”.


We want to thank everyone who took the time to give us such detailed and honest feedback, which is exactly what we need to be able to communicate the benefits of Bank On Yourself more effectively.

Five people on the Bank On Yourself team – myself included – poured through every single response, not just to pick the contest winners, but to also learn what questions and concerns you have about the Bank On Yourself concept.

At $1,000 per finished minute to film this kind of video, I was really glad no one said what they liked most about it was when it ended! Most people really liked the unusual video style and felt that it helped them better understand one of the most intriguing advantages of the Bank On Yourself method: How it lets you bypass banks, credit cards and finance companies and become your own source of financing.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, I encourage you to do that now…

There were many terrific insights and questions in the contest entries. It was tough to pick just five winning entries (we actually picked six), but you’ll find the winners listed below.
[Read more…]

Video: How to fire your banker!

We’re always looking for entertaining, easy-to-understand ways to explain key concepts of the Bank On Yourself method.  So we just completed a new – and very unusual – video that explains one of the most powerful features of Bank On Yourself – how it lets you bypass banks, finance and credit card companies altogether and become your own source of financing.

This video also addresses how purchasing things like cars, vacations, business equipment, or a college education through a Bank On Yourself plan beats financing, leasing and even directly paying cash for them.

Click the play button on the video below, then scroll down to the comments box and give us your feedback…


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To find out how much more money you could have when you fire your banker and become your own financing source, request a FREE, no-obligation  Analysis.

We’d really love to get your feedback on this new video and video “style”.  (You’ve probably never seen a video like this before.)

Here are questions we’d love to get your feedback on in the comments box below…

1. Do you currently use Bank On Yourself?

2. What was the best part of the video?

3. What is still unclear about the Bank On Yourself concept?

4. What topics could we address that you think would give people more confidence to consider Bank On Yourself?

5. If you do not currently use Bank On Yourself, did this video make you more likely or less likely to request a free Analysis and get a referral to one of the Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors?

6. If you are currently using Bank On Yourself, do you feel that this type of video is something you could share with family, friends and colleagues to help them understand this method of managing your finances? Why or why not?

7. Is there any other feedback you’d like to give us?

A Better Way to Save and Pay for College

Paying for college without spending your life’s savings is one of the biggest challenges faced by families today.

The traditional ways of paying for college, such as 529 college savings plans, UGMAs, UTMAs, and student loans all have serious drawbacks. So we put together a video that reveals:

  • Seven important questions to ask yourself when choosing between college saving methods plus a chart that compares them side-by-side
  • A better way to save and pay for a college education for your kids or grandkids – or for yourself – one you probably aren’t hearing about
  • How the Bank On Yourself method can double as a safe college savings plan AND a way to provide you a guaranteed income in retirement that can last as long as you do

This video is a little longer than others we’ve done (it’s 10 minutes) because this is a critical topic and making the wrong decisions can drag down your financial picture for decades. A full transcript of the video can be found below as well. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments box below!

Bank on Yourself: A Better Way to Save and Pay for College

Watch this video to learn how a specially designed dividend-paying whole life insurance policy from a Bank on Yourself Authorized Advisor may be the safest and best way to save for college tuition to meet the rising costs of education.

Here’s the full text of the video…

The Boomerang Generation”

That’s what many experts are calling today’s crop of young adults.

All too often they go off to college, they graduate, then they return home, sometimes for years. Blame it on the cost of college.
[Read more…]

Busting the Bank On Yourself high commission myth

There is no shortage of myths or misconceptions about Bank On Yourself or the specially designed whole life insurance policies used for this safe and proven wealth-building method.

Spilling the beans on the myth that financial advisors sell whole life policies for the large commissions

One of the most commonly repeated myths is that financial advisors only sell whole life policies because they receive large commissions for doing so.

Often, that accusation comes from financial planners, investment advisors and money managers who want you to invest in the stock market, instead.

When you watch the video below, you’re going to be shocked to discover that the advisor who manages your money in the stock market is making at least TEN TIMES MORE than the Bank On Yourself Advisor, if the same amount of money is contributed each year! (And Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors receive 50-70% less commission than advisors who structure policies the traditional way.)

Maybe that’s the kind of thing Mark Twain had in mind when he said…

A lie can circle the globe in the time it takes truth to put on its shoes”

And for pocketing TEN TIMES MORE of your hard-earned savings, what guarantees does your financial planner or money manager give you? Do they guarantee you that you’ll have a certain amount of money when you’re ready to start taking income from your savings? No! In fact, if you ask them that question, they’ll laugh you out of their office!
[Read more…]

How to Finance Your Business Yourself

Many business owners and professionals pay considerable sums of money to banks and credit card companies to finance or lease equipment, vehicles, office buildings and more.JCPenney_WaltDisney

That’s money you’ll never see again!

It also requires you to fill out reams of nosy paperwork, pledge your first born child… and still have no guarantee you’ll get the capital you need for your business (even if you have perfect credit)!

What if you could bypass banks, finance and credit card companies altogether and become your own source of financing for your business?

The good news is that you can!  You can use the same method famous people like Walt Disney, J.C. Penney and others used when no banker would lend them a dime.

When you use the Bank On Yourself method, you can…

  • Fire your banker and seize control over your business finances
  • Use your money and still have it working for you
  • Recapture the interest you would  have paid to others
  • Grow a guaranteed and predictable income stream in retirement
  • Pay little or no taxes on it, under current tax law

This video reveals how it works and includes a case study, including how much was paid into the plan, how the plan was used for financing and how much retirement income it provides.

Click the play button below to watch the video…


Find out the bottom-line numbers and results you could have if you added the Bank On Yourself method to your financial plan when you request your FREE Business Owner Analysis.

Discover how much more control you’ll have over your money and how much more wealth you could have – guaranteed – without the risk of stocks, real estate and other investments.

If you’re not a business owner and want to become your own source of financing…

Almost anyone can use the Bank On Yourself method to become their own source of financing for major purchases like cars, vacations, home renovations, college educations and more!  This video shows you how.

Video: Why you need the Dow to be at 27,000 today

When do you think the Dow will hit 27,000?

Does that seem like a crazy or dumb question?

If you bought into Wall Street’s mantra that as long as you invest for the long haul you’ll come out ahead, you need to watch this video today.

Click the play button below to see the shocking truth Wall Street doesn’t want you to know…

Are you ready to do something different?

If you’re ready to find out how the Bank On Yourself method can give you the financial security and predictability you want and deserve, take the first step right now by requesting a free Bank On Yourself Analysis.
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You’ll also get a referral to one of only 200 advisors in the country who have met the rigorous requirements to be a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor, who can answer your questions and show you how much your financial picture could improve when you add Bank On Yourself to your financial plan.

The Ultimate Wealth-Building and Retirement Strategy… Whether the Market Goes Up, Down or Sideways

Have you been disappointed by your 401(k), IRA or other retirement plan?  Conventional wisdom tells us these plans are the best way to save and invest for retirement. Yet following this advice has resulted in financial insecurity for most Americans.

Because of this, most baby boomers have been forced to postpone retirement an average of five years.1

I’m often asked how using the Bank On Yourself method to save for retirement compares to traditional plans, so I put together this short video that reveals seven reasons Bank On Yourself makes an excellent retirement plan alternative.

Click the play button in the video below and see how many of these seven advantages you’d like to have in your financial plan…

The Ultimate Wealth-Building and Retirement Strategy… Whether the Market Goes Up, Down or Sideways

Would you like to find out how big your nest-egg could grow – guaranteed – if you added Bank On Yourself to your financial plan? No two plans are alike – yours would be custom-tailored to your unique situation, goals and dreams. To find out what your bottom-line numbers would be, request a FREE, no-obligation Analysis today.
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If you’re wondering where you’ll find the money to fund your plan, keep in mind the Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors are masters at helping people restructure their finances to free up money to fund a plan. Here are the eight most common places they look.

When you request your FREE Analysis, you’ll get a referral to one of only 200 advisors who have met the rigorous training and requirements to be a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor. They’ll show you why Bank On Yourself is the ultimate wealth-building and retirement strategy… whether the market goes up, down or sideways.

1.  Bankers Life and Casualty Center for a Secure Retirement, May 2011