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A Note From Pamela Yellen:

Thanks for putting your trust in me. I want you to know right up front, this isn’t a Free-Stuff-A-Palooza. I’m not throwing useless information at you. My passion and purpose is educating people on the time-tested method that I personally used to take control of my financial future, grow my nest-egg safely and predictably, and beat the banks at their own game… I don’t want you to have to make all the mistakes I did on the road to financial security. I want to just GIVE you the secret.  Because I can, and I should… Because we’re all in this together!

That’s why I’m giving you not only the Free Wealth Building Guide you requested, but also a free chapter of my New York Times Best-Selling Book.  I wouldn’t waste your time… This information is absolutely vital for anyone who wants to understand what Bank On Yourself can do for them.  So make sure you download and read both the report and the chapter.  You’re going to get some profound revelations from each one.  To give you an idea….

The Wealth Building Guide is going to teach you (NOT sell you)…Click Here For Your FREE Guide

  • How to Create Real Wealth and Financial Security For the Rest of Your Life
  • Why You Don’t Have Financial Security Now
  • The 5 simple steps to create real wealth and financial security for as long as you live (Hint: It isn’t as hard as it sounds)
  • What if You’re Already Retired and in Your Golden Years?

So why do you need to read the Chapter too?  Click Here For Your FREE Chapter

This is where I dig in to the meat of the issue.  In this chapter you can expect to learn…

  • Why it’s okay that you can’t predict the future
  • How I Figured Out What Doesn’t Work
  • What’s the Bank On Yourself Revolution All About?
  • Who Bank On Yourself Isn’t Right For
  • How to stop Losing Money to the Randomness of the Market and Create Real Wealth

If you’re already excited, which I sure as heck would be at this point, I’d like to offer you one final educational gift.  I want EVERYONE to read my book.  I don’t care about making money off this book.  If I could, and I thought people would read it, I’d ship one to every household in the country.  BUT, alas, I don’t think anyone would take me very seriously.  So instead I’m going to make you this offer…

BOY-Landing-Page-Free-Report-(2)_0000_BookClick Here to order the whole, real life, paper back version of my New York Times Best-Seller for FREE…

I’ll just ask you to cover shipping & handling.  I’m confident that this book will transform the way you relate to your finances and point you exactly to a fool-proof method YOU can use to create a financial future you can feel proud of.

Thanks again for putting your trust in me.

Yours in Prosperity,

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