7 Reasons to Become a Bank On Yourself Professional

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level and …

  • Turn prospects into raving fans who buy from you repeatedly and shower you with referrals without even being asked?
  • Become a hero to your clients by helping them achieve their financial goals and dreams – without losing sleep or taking any unnecessary risk?
  • Have a consistent flow of educated, qualified, ready-to-buy prospects?

If You Answered “Yes” to One or More of These Questions, Here Are 7 Reasons to Join the Bank On Yourself Professional Team This Year:

  1. You’ll profit from being associated with Bank On Yourself – one of the most recognized brands in personal finance, thanks to our multi-million-dollar annual advertising and PR campaigns. Bank On Yourself is featured regularly on major media, websites and publications, such as Entrepreneur.com, AARP, Wall Street Journal, Mint.com, Fox News, Associated Press, Bloomberg, and much more.
  2. The Bank On Yourself $100,000 Challenge – your prospects can receive a $100K cash reward if they use a different strategy that can match or beat the advantages and guarantees of Bank On Yourself. No one has won it since it was first offered in 2009; however, it’s a fantastic tool you can use to help skeptical prospects educate themselves on why Bank On Yourself is the ultimate financial instrument for growing wealth safely.
  3. Proven 3-step system for closing big cases that prospects can’t say “no” to – no need to reinvent the wheel.
  4. You’ll have your own personal one-on-one case design and closing coach! – get answers to your questions, help with case design and illustrations, marketing guidance – everything you need to be massively successful in record time.
  5. Total back-office support to get your cases through underwriting, prosper under any DOL ruling contingencies, and much more.
  6. Two auto-pilot lead generation programs – one that lets you generate qualified prospects wherever you want … and one that generates leads for you – these leads have filled out a full page of confidential financial details and are requesting a meeting with you to find out exactly how they can benefit from adding the Bank On Yourself method to their financial plan.
  7. You can build a nice six-figure (or more) income and become a hero to your clients by helping them achieve true financial security for life!

Bank On Yourself is Looking for a Few Good Men and Women to Join Our Team This Year

People approaching retirement age are coming to the stark realization that they haven’t saved enough to ensure a comfortable lifestyle in retirement that will last as long as they do.

They live in fear that the next market crash will wipe out 50% or more of their savings – again. They are desperately searching for safe wealth-building alternatives!

The demand for Bank On Yourself Professionals who can help people reach their financial goals and dreams without taking unnecessary risks has never been greater, which is why Bank On Yourself is looking for financial representatives with at least one year of experience in financial services to join our team.

Admission standards to be accepted into the Bank On Yourself Professional Program are high, but if you want this year to be your best, most rewarding and profitable year yet, you have nothing to lose by applying for it now here.

You can also learn more about the program here.

If you have any questions, call Andrew Young, the Bank On Yourself Director of Agent Development at 1-800-980-2654, extension 6157, or email him at andrew@mysetsolutions.com. You’ll get the answers you need to decide if this is a good fit for you.

Here’s why Bank On Yourself Professionals say this was the smartest decision they’ve made in their practice:

I’ve made more in the last 5 months with this system than in my 14 years in the business.”
– Neil Kaplan

I’ve been searching for 5 years for a marketing/mentoring system to follow. The concept itself is amazing. The marketing system to implement it is the icing on the cake. This is life changing.” – Stacey Anderson

I have finally found the Holy Grail of concepts. I can truly get behind this and help people!” – Armando Aguilar

I get a lot more referrals now without even asking for them, because people get so excited about this!” – Alan Eckstrand

Here’s What to Do Next …

  1. Find out if you qualify to become a part of the Bank On Yourself team.
  2. Or call Andrew Young at 1-800-980-2654, extension 6157, or email him at andrew@mysetsolutions.com with your questions.

Why not do it today, while you’re thinking of it!