Financing Your Business Purchases

Determined to keep your business humming along during this gut-wrenching economy?


This video reveals how it works and includes a case study.

Roll up your sleeves and go for it.

But just know this: Winning during hard times takes more than gumption. And today it can be a real challenge to get capital to finance your business purchases.

Some banks seem to have their money on an indefinite lock-down. A heart-stopping reality for many business owners.

But don’t sweat it.

You can use the Bank On Yourself method to start or grow your business, even when no banker will loan you a dime. It may surprise you that famous business owners have used this method, including Walt Disney and J.C. Penney.

Seize control over your business finances and fire your banker and finance company. The Bank On Yourself concept can be used to finance business vehicles, equipment, office buildings and more – and recapture the interest you’d otherwise pay to finance institutions.

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You can use this method to:

  • Expand your business
  • Add equipment or technology that puts you ahead of your competition
  • Hire needed employees, so you can take your business to the next level while having more time to enjoy your life and your family
  • Grow your retirement savings safely and predictably – with no government restrictions or penalties on when or how much income you can take from the plan
  • Take an income stream in retirement with little or no taxes due, under current tax law

Business owners profiled in Pamela Yellen’s best-selling book have also used the Bank On Yourself concept for many different purposes, such as to…

In addition, business owners use the Bank On Yourself concept for “Executive Bonus” plans, to attract and reward key employees. It gives you flexibility that 401(k)s and many other traditional retirement plans don’t have, because it allows you to bonus employees different amounts (from zero to whatever amount you chose).

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Click here to listen to the interview...
Click here to listen to the interview...

Listen: Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative reporter Dean Rotbart interviews Pamela Yellen on how small business owners can use Bank On Yourself to prepare for the next inevitable economic downturn.

You can listen to the podcast by pressing the play button below, or you can download the interview as an MP3 and listen on your own player or iPod…

How does your business financing or leasing strategy compare?

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Learn how the Bank On Yourself concept beats the pants off of traditional investment strategies. And take us up on our $100,000 Challenge: If you use a different strategy that can match or beat Bank On Yourself, we’ll pay you $100,000!

Compare Your Business Financing Plan to Bank On Yourself

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Other Benefits of Bank On Yourself:

More than 500,000 people are enjoying these benefits today because they have rejected the conventional financial “wisdom” and are now in control of their financial well-being. Bank On Yourself was established in 2002 to educate Americans about this proven way to have a rock-solid financial plan, with no luck, skill or guesswork required.

Wondering where you’ll find the money to Bank On Yourself? There are at least eight ways to do this, so don’t rule yourself out for that reason.

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