About Our Company, Bank On Yourself

An interview with the President of Bank On Yourself

Get to know Pamela Yellen as she reveals things about herself and Bank On Yourself that she’s never discussed.

Bank On Yourself is a company that specializes in helping people achieve their financial goals and objectives using a little-known variation of a whole life insurance policy, combined with powerful financial principles not currently taught in schools or universities. The company’s mission is to educate Americans and help them achieve financial security and peace of mind.

An interview with the President of Bank On Yourself

Get to know Pamela Yellen as she reveals things about herself and Bank On Yourself that she’s never discussed.

The Bank On Yourself concept is similar to the Infinite Banking Concept, Becoming Your Own Banker, 770 Account and Income for Life.

Bank On Yourself was founded by Pamela Yellen in 2002, because of Pamela’s experience and frustration using conventional financial planning and investment methods. Disappointed with the results she was getting when managing their investment program themselves, Pamela and her husband Larry hired three of the country’s top investment and planning firms in succession over a period of a decade to manage their retirement account.

These companies were always on the lists of the country’s top-ten financial representatives and asset managers. They all charged hefty fees and all three of them lost Pamela and Larry money during a period that included the longest-running bull market in history!

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Pamela was introduced to the concept when one of her clients (who’s a financial representative) mentioned it to her.

Pamela was intrigued, but skeptical – it sounded “too good to be true.” She spent months investigating it before implementing it herself to see if it would really work.

When her financial representative set up whole life insurance policies for both Pamela and Larry, they later discovered the policies had been incorrectly structured. Policies that aren’t structured correctly can grow much more slowly, lose the tax advantages, or both.

Because of the power of the Bank On Yourself concept, and the lack of financial representatives who understood all of the technical ins and outs, Pamela felt that she could best serve herself and many of her friends and associates who wanted competent, knowledgeable help implementing the concept by starting a company whose sole focus was educating the public and financial representatives about Bank On Yourself.

Since its foundation, Bank On Yourself has grown into an organization that has helped more than 500,000 families nationwide. And a network of 200 specially trained Bank On Yourself Professionals now exists to help people implement this concept properly and maximize the lifetime results they receive from it.

The company focuses on safe wealth-building strategies that enable people of all ages to reach their financial goals and dreams without taking unnecessary risks and be guaranteed an income stream in retirement that they can never outlive.