Bank On Yourself for Seniors

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Bank On Yourself for Seniors plan works and
the features and advantages it gives you

One of the most common questions we get about Bank On Yourself is whether older people can benefit from it.  The short answer is that people up to age 85 can – and do – use this wealth-building method.

However, there are special Bank On Yourself programs available for people between the ages of 60-85 that may be more appropriate, depending on each person’s specific situation.  To help you understand how these plans work – and how they’re different from a “traditional” Bank On Yourself plan – we’ve put together two videos.

The first video explains the features and advantages of a Bank On Yourself for Seniors plan and the second video shows two different examples or case studies.  A transcript covering both videos is also available, and I encourage you to download and print it out for easy reference.This is very important information if you – or someone you care about – are between age 60 and 85 and are…

  • Frustrated by low interest rates you’re getting from savings and money market accounts and CD’s
  • Tired of risking your retirement savings in volatile, unpredictable stocks and other investments
  • Concerned about making your money last as long as you do
  • Being forced to take the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your retirement plan every year and having to pay taxes on it – whether you need that money or not
  • Seeking protection from long-term care expenses (a Bank On Yourself for Seniors plan comes with a FREE long-term-care benefit for stays in a long-term care facility or for home health care)

A “traditional” Bank On Yourself plan relies on a specially-designed dividend-paying whole life policy that has options added on to it that make your cash value grow significantly faster than the kind of whole life policies most people (and experts) know about.

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Bank On Yourself for Seniors case study examples

You pay premiums monthly quarterly or annually for a period of time that depends on how the policy was designed.

A “Bank On Yourself for Seniors” plan involves a one-time lump sum premium payment.  There are other differences as well.

Watch the first video to learn about the benefits and guarantees of a Bank On Yourself for Seniors plan.

There is tremendous flexibility in the ways a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor can structure a plan.  The second video covers two very different case studies to give you an idea of the range of possibilities

And the transcript covers the text of both videos.

NOTE:  In some cases, people up to age 85 use a “traditional” Bank On Yourself plan.  In others, a Bank On Yourself for Seniors plan is determined to be more appropriate.  And in still other instances, a person may use both types of policies. (Request a FREE Analysis to find out which type of plan would be best for your situation.)

These are NOT “off-the-shelf” plans – they’re custom tailored to your unique situation…

We strongly urge you not to assume one type of plan makes more sense than another for you without consulting with one of the Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors.  If you already work with one of the 200 advisors who have met the rigorous training and requirements to be an Authorized Advisor, we suggest you get in contact with them now to discuss your situation.
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We encourage you to investigate what a Bank On Yourself for Seniors plan could do for you or your loved ones today!