Trading a Pension for Tension: Why You Need a Safe Money, Guaranteed Income Strategy for Retirement

Today, as you try to figure out a safe money retirement income strategy, you’ve got a lot to consider:

  • The market goes up, and the market goes down. Will it be down when you need to sell some of the assets in your retirement fund? How can you control your financial future when Wall Street is absolutely unpredictable?
  • What about inflation and taxes? What if you put your money into safe CDs, only to get clobbered by inflation? Will higher taxes give you less money to spend in retirement – just when the cost of everything is going up due to increasing inflation?
  • How can you plan your withdrawals if you can’t know for sure how long you’ll live? Over the last century, life expectancy in this country has mostly gone up. How can you be sure your retirement savings won’t run out before you do? And what’s your Plan B if your money does run out?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, join the club! These are the challenges we all face when planning for our retirement, but there are proven strategies that can guarantee you can put these challenges behind you.

Just a few generations ago, folks didn’t need to worry about these issues. Up until the 1960s and ’70s, employer-sponsored pension plans gave workers a paycheck for life – no matter what the market did or how long the retiree lived.

Today, fewer than one in five American workers have access to a company pension plan, and just 15% participate in one, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey.

These days, if you’re an employee, your company likely offers a 401(k), 403(b), or similar plan instead of a pension. Why? Companies realized that it’s much cheaper to tell employees to fend for themselves (and perhaps offer a small matching contribution when times are good) than to fund and manage guaranteed pension funds. Thus, the burden of saving for retirement shifted from companies to their employees. That would be us.

And the manager of your plan invests your money in what I call the Wall Street casino. Like any other casino, Wall Street is something you cannot control or predict.

Pensions have become an endangered species. The stock market is unpredictable. Interest rates on savings accounts and CDs are so tiny you need a magnifying glass to see them. And we’re all living longer.

We’re experiencing the perfect storm for whole generations of retirees to end up struggling financially in their later years – no matter how conscientious they’ve been.

Consider the Problems You’ll Face if You Live a Long Life:

  • If you take too much out of your retirement nest egg each month, you’ll run out of money when you are most vulnerable
  • But if you don’t take enough money, you may live in what I call voluntary poverty because you’re afraid you’ll use up your resources and have nothing to live on

And these scenarios don’t include other associated costs with retirement and getting older, such as healthcare costs not covered by Medicare!

Either way, your so-called golden years would be full of worry and fear instead of being the enjoyable, carefree years you should have after putting your nose to the grindstone for 40 to 50 years.

Even a pension isn’t a guarantee of a comfortable retirement. What may sound like a generous monthly payout now could be eaten up by inflation, taxes – or even the death of a spouse! After working hard for decades, it doesn’t sound fair, does it?

However, you don’t need to rely on the Wall Street Casino or, if you have a pension, worry about running out of money in retirement. There’s a tried-and-true path to guaranteed retirement income. Consider Cindy’s* story…

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Consumer Guide to a Guaranteed Lifetime Income!

Consumer Guide to a Guaranteed Lifetime Income

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Nurse Gets a 27% Bump in Guaranteed Retirement Income

Please email me my
Consumer Guide to a Guaranteed Lifetime Income!

Consumer Guide to a Guaranteed Lifetime Income

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Cindy is retiring after a long nursing career with a national healthcare organization. The benefits counselor for her employer told her that the company would give her a monthly pension of $1,570 for retirement. But if either Cindy or her husband, Fred, passed away, the surviving spouse would receive a reduced payment of just $785 per month. Cindy is a decade younger than Fred, so she knew there was a real possibility she could live many years after his passing.

The benefits counselor also told Cindy that she could take a one-time lump payment of $252,800 instead of the monthly pension if she wanted.

Cindy reached out to her Bank On Yourself Professional, Julie, and asked, “Can you do better than $1,570 now, and only $785 – just 50% of the initial benefit – for whichever of us survives the other?”

Julie looked at annuities from many top-rated companies and found the perfect retirement annuity for Cindy and Fred: a fixed indexed annuity with a lifetime income rider that will pay them almost $1,900 per month, as long as either one of them is living. That means the surviving spouse will receive the full $1,900 each month for life.

Cindy decided to take the lump sum payout from her employer now and use it to purchase the deferred fixed indexed annuity with a lifetime income rider that Julie recommended. She and Fred are looking forward to the monthly checks they’ll start receiving when they turn on their lifetime income in a few years.

Of course, your situation is unique. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of retirement income planning to develop a safe money strategy that will guarantee you have all the funds you need for comfort in your golden years. There are specialists that can help you create a tailored retirement strategy that fits your situation.

And your consultation is free, with no obligation!

How a Bank On Yourself Professional Can Help You Create A Safe Money, Guaranteed Income Retirement Program

Holder of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Richard Thaler, says…

For many people, being asked to solve their own retirement savings problems is like being asked to build their own cars.”

You don’t have to build your own car! The Bank On Yourself Professionals are experts in safe-money strategies, including annuities and high cash value dividend-paying whole life insurance policies (known as the Bank On Yourself-type policies). There are only about 200 financial representatives in the entire US and Canada who have passed the rigorous training and requirements to be designated Bank On Yourself Professionals. Their safe-money strategies can help you reach your short- and long-term financial goals and dreams while letting you sleep soundly at night.

A Bank On Yourself Professional can help you sort through the various retirement annuities and enhancements and analyze whether you would benefit by adding an annuity to your financial plan. As they look at your unique situation, they can identify the combination of safe money strategies best suited for you. Bank On Yourself Professionals work with more than 40 top-rated, financially strong life insurance and annuity companies. All told, they have hundreds of different annuities and life insurance policies to choose from.

You can arrange for a free consultation with a knowledgeable Professional to discuss if this safe wealth-building strategy makes sense for your situation.

There’s no cost or obligation so request a FREE Consultation here now, and you’ll be referred to a Bank On Yourself Professional who will arrange a time to speak with you to discuss your specific situation. They will help you identify your primary short-term and long-term financial goals and the best way to reach them without taking any unnecessary risks.

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*Name and nonessential details changed to protect the identities of real people. However, this story is based on a real experience of a Bank On Yourself client who built her retirement nest by trading her pension for a deferred income annuity with a lifetime income rider.

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