Reducing Debt and Increasing Savings

Reducing Debt and Increasing SavingsMany Americans today find themselves swirling in a financial mess…

  • Colossal credit card debt
  • Massive mortgages
  • Staggering student loans

Face it. We’ve hoodwinked ourselves into thinking bigger and more is better, and it’s left us standing on shaky financial ground.

The pundits and conventional wisdom tells you to get rid of all your debt… but they don’t tell you about the hidden traps and unintended consequences of following this advice.

Would you believe there’s actually something better than debt free?  It’s a little-known way of managing your money that lets you grow your savings, reduce your debt and avoid these costly pitfalls.

Have you been rocked by excessive debt?

Bank On Yourself to the Rescue…

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For many who have become fans of Bank On Yourself, a powerful motivator has been one that you might not expect: getting out from under the burden of excessive debt. Using the Bank On Yourself concept, and with the guidance of their Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor (a life insurance agent with advanced training on this concept),  some folks — just like you — have been able to:

  • Pay off a $21,000 car loan within two years of starting their policy
  • Eliminate $30,000 in credit card debt and a home equity line of credit
  • Wipe out $280,000 in medical school loans
  • Take out an $8,000 loan against their cash value and use it to pay off the balance of their car loan.  The policy owner started making car payments to their policy instead, ultimately recapturing the interest payments that normally would have gone out the window, along with a portion of the car’s value.

You can hear their real-life stories and experiences, in Pamela Yellen’s best-selling book.

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Other Benefits of Bank On Yourself:

More than 500,000 people are enjoying these benefits today because they have rejected the conventional financial “wisdom” and are now in control of their financial well-being. Bank on Yourself was established in 2002 to educate Americans about this proven way to have a rock-solid financial plan, with no luck, skill or guesswork required.

Wondering where you’ll find the money to start to Bank On Yourself? There are at least eight ways to do this, so don’t rule yourself out for that reason.