Do You Have What it Takes to Become an Authorized Advisor?

Why Bank On Yourself Advisors are so passionate about helping their clients implement this concept…

Only 200 Advisors have met the rigorous requirements to be a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors

Some of the 200
Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors

“100% convinced…”

Russ Grzywinski“Before I even considered offering Bank On Yourself as a part of my practice, I spent three months doing my own research. I went back and looked at everything I could find to make sure what I was being told was true.

I went through a process with each individual component of a dividend paying whole life policy and verified each one. Once I did that, I was 100% convinced that everything I was being told about it was in fact true, because there was no way to refute it.”
Russ Grzywinski

“…more referrals…”

Alan Eckstrand“So why is Bank On Yourself good business? For one thing, you create a client who is going to buy many more plans than somebody who bought traditional plans. I have a client who bought twelve policies in two years. That would never happen with traditional life insurance.

The other factor is the referrals. Bank On Yourself Advisors get a lot more referrals without even asking for them, because people get so excited about this. Typically you almost never get a referral for life insurance.”
Alan Eckstrand

“…do more business…”

Joe Ballarino“When people understand what Bank On Yourself can do for them, we know there is not going to be disappointment down the road. They are happier; they do more business with you. Just about everything else has more risk or is less worthwhile. For me, it was that I didn’t want to have to apologize to clients.”Joe Ballarino

“…my clients are the happiest…”

David Biondo“When we were doing traditional financial planning, our clients loved us when things were good and hated and blamed us when they were bad. With Bank On Yourself, the cash value doesn’t go up one day and down the next. When clients leave my office, people in the offices around me say that my clients are the happiest people they see. I had never really experienced that selling life insurance before. People are flocking to Bank On Yourself like there is no tomorrow.” David Biondo

Being a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor is a challenging but very rewarding career. Challenging because Bank On Yourself goes against the grain of what Americans have been taught about money and finances, and because of the investment of time it takes to master the ins and outs of the concept, technical information, and plan design.

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For those who stick with it, however, the rewards are many. Perhaps the greatest satisfaction comes from knowing you are changing your clients’ lives by helping them achieve the financial peace of mind they seek and deserve.

The Bank On Yourself Advisors use supercharged, high early cash value dividend-paying whole life insurance to help their clients reach their financial goals and dreams without taking any unnecessary risks.

They also show clients how to bypass traditional finance institutions to become their own “bankers” and gain control of their finances.

Though there is a need for additional Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisors throughout the United States and Canada, not everyone has what it takes to be successful with this, and not everyone is accepted into the training program.

If you have a life insurance license and at least one year of experience in financial services, you may qualify to be accepted into the Bank On Yourself training program. Please understand that it’s not just past success that’s considered. Attitude and a willingness to be mentored are key factors.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor, take the next step to be considered for the program by completing the application below…

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