Congratulations on Joining the Bank On Yourself Prospect and Client “Done-For-You” Direct Mail Contact Program!

You’re almost ready to take advantage of the finest high-tech, warm touch program we know to help you…

  • Build trust and personal name recognition with prospect and clients
  • Maintain top-of-mind positioning
  • Build credibility and keep your promise to follow up
  • Educate your clients and ensure they achieve their financial goals
  • Sell additional services and more policies to your existing clients
  • Encourage your prospects to contact you for an Analysis
  • Get more referrals!

This highly successful campaign is powered by Send Out Cards, so signing up for your Send Out Cards account is next.

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Download the document, “What to Do Now to Put Your Campaign in High Gear,” and print the file now. You will need this document for reference when you are on the Send Out Cards website. This document contains the step-by-step instructions you need to set up and personalize your account. Most important: This document contains the link you must use to set up your new Send Out Cards account, in order to have the monthly $25.00 Bank On Yourself campaign fee waived.


Again, congratulations! Together we will accomplish great things to build your business as a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor.