The Wealth-Building Strategy That’s Grown in Value Every Year for More Than 160 Years

The Bank On Yourself strategy is based on an asset that’s never had a losing year in its more-than-160-year history.  It has delivered positive annual growth during the Great Recession, the Great Depression, and every single period of economic boom and bust for over 160 years.

I think you’ll agree that’s an astonishing track record, and I challenge you to name any other asset or investment strategy that can make the same claim.

More on that in a moment, but first let me explain that the asset Bank On Yourself relies on is dividend-paying whole life insurance. If you’re like a lot of people, you may have a knee-jerk reaction to the words “whole life insurance,” because you’ve heard financial “gurus” like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey trash it.

However, the whole life policies they love to trash are not dividend-paying whole life policies, nor are they the super-charged variation used for the Bank On Yourself method, as discussed in our Special Report (get your FREE copy here).

Your equity or cash value in a properly structured Bank On Yourself-type policy grows significantly faster than in a traditional whole life policy, while reducing the commission the life insurance agent receives by up to 70%.

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These specially designed whole life policies give you many living benefits, including:

Get Your FREE Report!

Get instant access to the FREE 18-page Special Report that reveals how super-charged dividend paying whole life insurance lets you bypass Wall Street, fire your banker, and take control of your financial future.

We respect your email privacy

  • Your policy is guaranteed to grow each and every year by a pre-set and predictable amount
  • The growth is guaranteed to get better every year – regardless of what’s happening in the stock, real estate, commodities or currency markets
  • You have access to as much as 90% of the cash value in your policy when and for whatever you want – the only questions you’ll be asked are “how much money do you want?” and “where do you want us to send it?”
  • Even while you’re using your equity to buy a car, take a vacation, pay for a college education or start a business, your policy can continue growing as though you never touched a dimeif your policy is from one of a handful of companies that offer this powerful feature
  • Both your principal and gains are locked in – your policy doesn’t go backward when the markets tumble
  • You have control of your money without government penalties or restrictions on how much retirement income you can take or when you can take it
  • You can access both your principal and growth with no taxes due, under current tax law
  • You have an income-tax-free legacy that you can pass on to your loved ones and/or favorite charities without going through probate
  • You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing the minimum guaranteed value of your policy on the day you want to tap into it – and at every point along the way

Grow Your Nest-Egg Safely and Predictably Every Year – Even When the Markets Are Crashing

It’s easy to find out what your guaranteed numbers and results could be if you add Bank On Yourself to your financial plan by requesting a FREE, no-obligation Analysis here.

No two policies are alike – yours would be custom tailored to your unique situation.  You’ll find out how to reach your short-term and long-term financial goals and dreams, in the shortest time possible, without taking any unnecessary risk.

You’ll also get a referral to one of only 200 financial representatives in the U.S. and Canada who have met the rigorous requirements to be a Bank On Yourself Professional.  Take the first step towards lifetime financial security and request your free Analysis now.


What About the Dividends?  Are They Guaranteed?

The dividends in a dividend-paying whole life policy are the only component in this type of policy that’s not guaranteed.  However, the Bank On Yourself Professionals only use life insurance companies that have paid dividends for at least the past 100 years.

So, we’re talking about companies that have never missed paying policy owners their annual cash value increase, and have never missed paying a dividend every year – for at least 100 years.

Get all the details in a FREE Report that reveals how the Bank On Yourself method lets you fire your banker, bypass Wall Street, and take back control of your financial future.  You’ll also get a free chapter from Pamela Yellen’s latest New York Times best-seller.

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How Does the Track Record of Bank On Yourself Compare to Other Assets and Retirement Planning Methods?

You can see exactly how the time-tested and proven Bank On Yourself strategy compares to other strategies.  Just click on the comparisons that interest you most:

Think your favorite investing or retirement strategy can beat the Bank On Yourself method?  If you’re right, you could collect a $100,000 cash reward.

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How to Take back control of your financial future…

Over 500,000 people have already taken back control of their financial future using the Bank On Yourself method. You’ll finally be able to know the guaranteed minimum value of your retirement savings on the day you plan to tap into them… and at any point along the way!

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