Bank On Yourself in the Media – 2020

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50 Plus Life Tips to Spend Less, Enjoy More in the COVID Era December 14, 2020

ValueWalk EXPOSING BOGUS RETIREMENT SAVINGS ADVICE By: Pamela Yellen December 2, 2020

NBC Connecticut Anti-Spending Movement Gains Momentum Ahead of Black Friday By: Jessica Dickler November 27, 2020

CNBC Anti-spending movement gains momentum ahead of Black Friday By: Jessica Dickler November 25, 2020

CBS Radio Los Angeles Interview with Pamela Yellen -What to Give When ‘Stuff’ Matters Less November 24, 2020 Savings and Retirement Strategies That Work October 23, 2020

Third Age Creating Holidays with Meaning: Tips to Spend Less, Enjoy More in the COVID Era By: Pamela Yellen October 13, 2020

Thrive Global “Have options” With Pamela Yellen By: Jason Hartman October 10, 2020

30 Seconds Is It Time to Dump Your 401(k)? 7 Reasons Why the 401(k) Has Failed Many Americans By: Pamela Yellen September 30, 2020

ValueWalk THE NO. 1 REASON TO DUMP YOUR 401(K) PLAN September 16, 2020

StockHouse Financial Stress: 3 Steps to Break Free September 11, 2020

Lake Oconee Boomers 3 Steps Toward A Financially Stress-Free Life August 21, 2020


The Rolebuild Financial Book Review: The Bank On Yourself Revolution by Pamela Yellen By: Teresa Kuhn August 9, 2020

The Salamanaca Press How to Avoid a Retirement “Tax Time Bomb” August 7, 2020

Medium – Authority Magazine Pamela Yellen of Bank On Yourself: Investing During the Pandemic; What Should I Do with My Money Considering All of the Volatility and Uncertainty Today By: Jason Hartman July 31, 2020

KGMI Morning News Interview July 10, 2020

M Magazine The Stock Market Is a Beast You Can’t Control (pg. 18-20) By: Pamela Yellen July 1, 2020

Olean Times Herald What You Can Do Differently to Prepare for the Unexpected June 26, 2020

WFMZ-TV What You Can Do Differently to Prepare for the Unexpected June 26, 2020

NewsRadio 740 KTRH IRS Lets More Americans Withdraw from Retirement Accounts without Penalty By: Wyatt Goolsby June 24, 2020

Value Walk THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON AMERICAN’S LONG-TERM SAVINGS By: Pamela Yellen June 20, 2020

KXL-FM Interview By: Jon Eric Smith June 17, 2020

50 Plus Life 3 Reasons You May Not Work as Long as Planned By: Pamela Yellen June 5, 2020

Value Walk Thinking of cutting back on contributing to your 401(k)? By: Pamela Yellen May 19, 2020

Beyond 50 Radio Show EPISODE 650B – Rescue Your Retirement: Five Wealth-Killing Traps of 401(k)s, IRAs and Roth Plans – and How to Avoid Them By: Daniel Davis May 15, 2020

USA Business Radio NY Times Best Selling Author on Establishing a Financial ‘Bunker’ for Scary Times By: Kevin Price May 1, 2020

The Small Business Radio Show Interview By: Barry Moltz April 22, 2020

Small Business Advocate The power of whole life insurance in your retirement strategy By: Jim Blasingame April 9, 2020

Small Business Advocate Your financial/retirement strategy’s “Plan B” By: Jim Blasingame April 9, 2020

Daily Journal SECURE Act – The Good, Bad, and Ugly April 3, 2020

AP News SECURE Act – The Good, Bad, and Ugly April 3, 2020

Lake Oconee Boomers The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the SECURE Act March 22, 2020

30 Seconds Keys to a Stress-Free Retirement: 3 Steps to Help Live Out Your Golden Years With Financial Security By: Pamela Yellen March 7, 2020

Value Walk The SECURE Act allows lifetime-income options By: Pamela Yellen February 21, 2020

Best Company How to Reduce Your Tax Refund (and Why You Should) By: Ashley Lee February 18, 2020

KOGO News Radio in San Diego Interview – Got a 401(k)? This new book will make you mad! By: Ted Garcia and Ladona Harvey February 12, 2020

Entrepreneur How America’s Retirement Dream Became a Nightmare By: Pamela Yellen February 12, 2020

Value Walk How excessive fees are eating up your retirement savings By: Pamela Yellen February 7, 2020

30 Seconds Retirement Savings Advice: The One Critical Question You Need to Be Able to Answer About Your Retirement Plan By: Pamela Yellen January 21, 2020

CafeMom Money Managing Experts Dish 19 Tips on How To Save After an Expensive Holiday By: Lauren Gordon January 17, 2020

MarketWatch Opinion: 7 reasons to consider this little-known retirement saving strategy By: Pamela Yellen January 9, 2020

The Lake Oconee Health 5 Retirement Plan Traps & How to Avoid Them January 2, 2020

media contact…

Michelle Tennant
828-749-3200 or blog

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