The Ultimate Retirement Plan Alternative

Nearly a decade has passed since the last financial crisis devastated Americans’ retirement accounts, but most pre-retirees are still feeling the pain.

A recent study reveals that only 24% of boomers are confident they’ll have enough money in retirement – down from 37% five years ago.  More boomers now say they’ve pushed back their planned retirement date, and a majority now say they will have to rely on Social Security as a major source of retirement income.

The real reason for this is the utter failure of traditional retirement planning methods and accounts, which rely on the volatile and unpredictable stock market.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!  Click on the 4-minute video below to learn about a 160-year-old proven retirement plan alternative that bypasses Wall Street altogether…

Find Out How to Reach Your Financial Goals and Dreams WithOUT Taking Unnecessary Risks

Traditional retirement accounts like 401(k)s, IRAs, and similar plans have no guarantees… and come with more strings attached to them than a puppet.

Hundreds of thousands of people are using the Bank On Yourself method to grow their nest-egg safely and predictably every year – even when stocks and other investments are tumbling.  They enjoy a combination of liquidity, access, control and tax advantages that no other retirement plan can offer.

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