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Praise for the New York Times best-selling book, The Bank On Yourself Revolution

Pamela Yellen once again is ‘right on the money’ when it comes to financial security.”

– Harvey Mackay, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

Pamela Yellen should definitely win a Nobel Prize. With her guidance, you can grow a nest egg into a small fortune without the risks of conventional investments and political uncertainty. I urge you…no I beg you… to get The Bank On Yourself Revolution.”

– Joseph Sugarman, Entrepreneur, Author and BluBlocker Corporation Founder

The Bank On Yourself Revolution provides a pathway to grow your money safely and predictability every year-even when the markets are crashing.”

– Kristi Frank, star of Season #1 of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice

Wow – this book makes so much sense it’s bound to irritate the heck out of those that make a living telling you how to invest your money.”

– John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing

Most financial ‘experts’ make the simple complex; Pamela Yellen does just the opposite. Many people are many thousands of dollars richer thanks to her.”

– Wayne M. Barrett, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, USA Today Magazine

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More than 500,000 American’s are using the Bank On Yourself method to achieve financial security and independence.  Just like these folks…

Dr. Thomas Hesch

“I learned the hard way most agents don’t know how to do this properly.”

-Dr. Thomas Hesch, Albq, NM

“I’ve used the Bank On Yourself method since 2004 and now have six policies. We’ve used them to finance our RV, home renovations, vacations and unexpected expenses. In the process, we’re growing wealth safely and securely for retirement that we can access when and how we want – no taxes due on it.”

Mr. & Mrs. Bowling

“Eliminated $81,000 in yearly payments and interest to banks.”

-Mr. & Mrs. Bowling, Amarillo, TX
Air Traffic Controller/Dry Cleaner

“Bank On Yourself helped us create a retirement plan and a way to pay for college for our two children. In addition, almost $7,000 per month we were paying to banks is now going into our Bank On Yourself plan.”

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Norman Robert Griffin

“Banks and Wall Street do NOT want the public to know about this.”

-Norman Robert Griffin, Galway, NY
Elementary School Principal

“It’s basically my own bank and we can write a check to ourselves any time. We’re using it to pay our children’s way through college, so they don’t have to take out student loans. Also, our policy will be saving us thousands of dollars on our mortgage alone!”

Lowell Warner

“Bank On Yourself is a more secure way of saving.”

-Lowell Warner, Indianapolis, IN
Medical Sales

“After losing tens of thousands of dollars in the market and being 45, I was tired of it and needed to try a different way. My money is now consistently growing through guaranteed increases and dividends. It gives me peace of mind.”

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Dan Olson

“I have more money after six years than from funding my 401(k) for 20 years.”

-Dan Olson, N. Mankato, MN
Store Manager

“It’s a total win! Consistent growth, and never have had a loss. Your money will grow faster than you can imagine. I can use the money as I want for cars, college tuition and vacations. I am paying it back like I want, not dictated by someone else.”

Bill Liebler

“We know the funds will be there when our daughter goes to college.”

-Bill Liebler, Huntersville, NC

“I’ve used the policy multiple times now – the money was delivered to me in three days with no questions asked. Our plans will be a key part of our retirement, while allowing us to leverage the money through our working life as we see fit. You really can set it and forget it.”

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