Introduction to The Bank On Yourself No-Nonsense Guide to Life Insurance from Pamela Yellen

Life insurance: How does it work? Is it a good idea? Who needs it? Do I need life insurance? How much? What kind? Will I qualify? What are the alternatives? Why do some people say certain kinds of life insurance are dumb and I shouldn’t buy them, but other people disagree? How can I know for sure?

Pamela Yellen
Pamela Yellen, President Bank On Yourself

If those are your questions, you’ve come to the right place. We have answers, and they’re easy to understand.

This Guide was prepared by licensed life insurance agents with years of experience, who have a knack for turning what could be a dry subject into something you may actually find interesting. It was prepared for folks with no life insurance experience, or very little.

And even if you’ve made a hobby of studying life insurance (you probably should get out more!), you may learn a thing or two, as well.

Feel free to read through this Guide in order from beginning to end, if you’re the systematic type. Or just look at the sections that interest you, to get the specific answers you need. Either way will work.

You’ll find a handy table of contents for the Life Insurance Guide right here.

Questions? You can reach us at Please mention this Guide when you write, so we’ll know where you’re coming from.

Pamela Yellen

Pamela Yellen and the Bank On Yourself Team