What Spooks You More – Live Snakes or an IRS Auditor?

How do your worst money fears compare with the financial phobias of your friends, colleagues and neighbors?

Don't let the Halloween pumpkin eat your financial security. Take the Bank On Yourself Fear Factors Challenge

Just how far would you go to avoid a full IRS audit or having to tell your loved ones that you’ve lost your home to foreclosure?

Don't let the Halloween pumpkin eat your financial security. Take the Bank On Yourself Fear Factors Challenge

Faced with the choice of death or living out your senior years penniless, which would you select?

Already, more than 500 readers across the country have played our fun and very revealing online personal finance game: The Bank On Yourself Fear Factors Challenge.  It takes only a couple minutes to complete.

In the true spirit of Halloween, some of our questions might make you squirm.  We ask you to compare your money fears to other scares involving live snakes, pockets full of worms and even cow’s blood.

What’s so surprising are the responses we’re receiving!

Hint: So far, more than one out of every five game players say they’d rather walk naked down a fashion runway while being photographed than see their dumbest financial decisions published for everyone to view in their local newspaper.

How about you?  Naked or exposed?

There are ten total questions and each is both fun and thought-provoking.  We’ve extended the deadline for playing the Bank On Yourself Fear Factors Challenge until Monday night, October 31, at midnight.

But don’t put it off until the witching hour.  Do it now and ask your family and friends to record their choices as well.  That way you can compare and discuss your financial phobias.

Whatever else you’ll learn from this game, one message is abundantly clear:  Falling down financially is neither trick nor treat.  It’s a tragedy.

That’s why now is also a great time to learn more about the Bank On Yourself wealth-building method.

Bank On Yourself is based on an asset that has increased in value EVERY single year for more than 160 years. It’s never had a losing year… or even a single losing day.

So if you’re tired of relying on the “hope and pray” financial  planning method, and are ready to grow your wealth every year – safely, predictably AND guaranteed – get the nitty-gritty details here.

Were you surprised by your responses to any of these questions? Tell us in the comments box below…


  1. Your Fear Factors game is a Halloween treat. The questions made me think long and hard. IRS audit or worm? Worms! Really! My pockets are open and ready. Thanks for the fun eye-opener.

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