Expert Interview: Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

Did you know there is scientific evidence that gratitude can lower your blood pressure, improve your digestion, reduce your stress and boost your immune system?

And it can have an amazing impact on how you respond to events, people and situations… and how they in turn respond to you.

The wonderful thing is that it can be cultivated and nurtured.  Result:  You bring out the very best in yourself and your life and the best in those whom you love, work and play with.

Buy Catherine Price's book, Gratitude: A NovelIn my 30-minute interview with best-selling author Catherine Price, you’ll discover some practical tips for cultivating an attitude of gratitude – and multiplying your blessings.

Catherine is the author of Gratitude: A Journal (available here on our Amazon store).  It’s a perennial best-seller that gives you a great way to keep a daily record of life’s little blessings, and it’s filled with a year’s worth of insights, prompts and inspiring quotes.

Listen to the interview here:  

Download the audio of the interview here.

And tell us what you think in the comments box below!  What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful for my sense of humor. It has helped me through many painful situations. My grandparents raised me, because my Mother had more children than she could take care of. I am extremely grateful for them. My Mother was always close by, but didn’t have the room or the means to raise us all together, I am still grateful for her because she took me places—mostly walking because we never had a car until I was old enough to drive myself.

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