1. Hi

    I have spent some time on this site, and am honestly interested in this product. I really hope you can share actual results along with testimonials now that many policies have been in force for some time.

    In my opinion sharing one policy statement (your policy) is not sufficient

    Anyway, I enjoy your work, and appreciate your efforts


    • There have been literally millions of dividend- paying whole life insurance policies issued over the past 160 years. As I discuss in my latest best-selling book, in 1900, HALF of all American savings were held in these policies! The difference between those policies and the ones used for the Bank On Yourself method is that riders are added to the policy that make your cash value grow much faster, and pay the advisor a 50 – 70% smaller commission. You can see examples of this and learn more about how that works here.

      You can also read about how famous people like Walt Disney and J.C. Penney have had and relied on these policies too.

      But the best way to see what YOUR guaranteed, bottom-line results will be is to request a FREE Analysis here.

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