Pamela Yellen Named Top Personal Finance Influencer

I’ve just been named one of the 30 most influential people in personal finance and wealth, and I wanted to share the exciting news with you!

Starting with a field of more than 1,000 finance experts, the study (commissioned by MoneyTips) used a rigorous process to score and rank each expert to whittle it down to a ranked list of the top 30 influencers in wealth and personal finance.Pamela Yellen is a Money Tips Top 30 Influencer

I’m ranked #19 on this list of the Top 30 social influencers impacting Americans’ financial lives.

The list was published last week on the Huffington Post, titled, What the Top 30 Personal Finance/Wealth Influencers Know That You Don’t. I was also one of a handful of the top experts quoted in the article.

I am very gratified by this acknowledgement. For the past decade I’ve devoted my life to educating people about alternatives to traditional investing and retirement planning that have enabled hundreds of thousands of people to stop using the crystal-ball-hope-and-pray method of financial planning and start knowing how good their financial future can be.

And I’ve learned several important lessons along the way – I’ll share the most important one with you in a moment.

Those who followed my advice and joined the Bank On Yourself financial security revolution have seen their money grow safely and predictably every single year, even when the markets tumbled and…

  • They don’t have to gamble in the Wall Street casino to grow a sizable nest-egg or worry about when the next crash will come and wipe out their life savings again. (We all know the market is going to crash again – the only question is when.)
  • They can tell banks and finance companies to go take a hike and have access to the money they need, whenever and for whatever they need it – whether that be to cover an unexpected emergency or to take advantage of an opportunity. (Watch this video to see how this works.)
  • They don’t need to depend on their employer, the government or the volatile stock and real estate markets for their financial security.
  • They finally have control over their own financial futures.

Would you like to find out how big your nest-egg could grow – without the risk or volatility of the stock or real estate markets – if you added the Bank On Yourself method to your financial plan? It’s easy to find out when you request your FREE Analysis, if you haven’t already.REQUEST YOUR

As I mentioned, I’ve learned some very important lessons on the road to becoming a top influencer, and I want to share one of the hardest lessons with you here…

Life Lesson: Develop Immunity to Criticism

To succeed at being a full expression of who you are, you have to figure out how you’ll deal with the slings and arrows of your critics. Because when you step out from the pack, trust me, those critics will find you!

In my case, I’ve taken on the biggest and most powerful institutions in the world – Wall Street and the banking industry. So it’s no wonder that I get attacked every week – especially on the internet and often by people hiding behind anonymity.

I’m no stranger to being accused of being a scammer – even though the Bank On Yourself strategy hasn’t had a losing year in over 160 years and was used successfully by one-third of our grandparents.

As Mark Twain noted, “A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on.”

The Bank On Yourself RevolutionYet I get emails from people telling me they hope I burn in hell or rot in jail.

People trash my New York Times best-selling book, The Bank On Yourself Revolution, on Amazon who admit they’ve never read the book and never will!

And yet I still get up every morning and continue to follow my mission and passion – even when it would be so much easier to just go hide under a rock. Prominently placed on my office wall is a quote from Dan Kennedy, one of my mentors:

If you don’t offend somebody by noon each day, you’re not doing much.”

And isn’t that true? If you want to make a difference in the world, you will get push back.

Listen to constructive criticism. But don’t let self-appointed critics of your work dissuade you from what you believe in. As Chief Justice Earl Warren said: “Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile I caught hell for.”

Have you experienced this in your own life? I’d love to hear from you about how it’s affected you and how you’ve handled it.

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