Older Folks Say it’s Not Fun Getting Old When You’re Worried About Running Out Of Money

Record numbers of Americans older than 65 are working today, and millions are doing it by need, not by choice.

Too often, the work these folks find involves back-breaking, menial labor.

Many people are entering their golden years with alarmingly fragile finances, according to a recent article in The Washington Post.

And polls routinely show that most older people are more worried about running out of money than they are of dying. They lament it’s not fun getting old.

Thanks to a massive shift from guaranteed lifetime pensions to you’re-on-your-own-good-luck-with-that 401(k)s and IRAs…

People are forced to guess how long they might live and budget accordingly, knowing that one big health problem or a year in a nursing home could wipe it all out.”

Social Security to the Rescue?

Almost 20% of Social Security recipients age 65 and older have no other source of income. And for another 33%, Social Security accounts for 90% of their income.

Social Security cost of living increases have boosted benefits by 43% since 2000, but the typical senior’s expenses have soared by 86% during that same period, according to the Senior Citizens League.

But even those who’ve managed to save for retirement have fallen far short: The median value of retirement accounts for those between 55 and 64 is only about $120,000, according to the Federal Reserve.

The shift to do-it-yourself retirement planning has enriched Wall Street far more than the typical saver.

Nope, it’s not fun getting old when you have to worry about running out of money or are forced to work until you die.

The Solution is to Save More and to Save Where Your Growth is Guaranteed

“It’s as if we moved from a system where everybody went to the dentist to a system where everybody now pulls their own teeth,” says Teresa Ghilarducci, a retirement security specialist.

The Bank On Yourself method is based on an asset that has increased in value every single year for more than 160 years – even during the Great Recession and Great Depression. It lets you stop worrying about when the next market crash will come and wipe out 50% or more of your savings – again.

The growth in these plans is guaranteed, and they grow by a larger dollar amount every year. You can know the guaranteed minimum value of your plan on the day you want to tap into it and at every step along the way. That gives you priceless peace of mind.

Bank On Yourself plans come with an unbeatable combination of advantages, which include guaranteed, competitive growth, safety, liquidity, and control, along with some juicy tax benefits.

To find out how big your nest-egg could grow – guaranteed – if you added the Bank On Yourself safe wealth-building method to your financial plan, request a free Analysis here. You’ll get a referral to a Professional who can design a plan custom tailored to your unique situation and goals.

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  1. I guess I don’t always get it. Social Security payouts are based on life expectancy whether you take it at 62 or 70. If you “beat the odds,” you do better for each year you live past expectations (roughly 88). However, overall, the house always wins.

    Personally, it seems to me that having the funds earlier when health likely allows for more usage makes more sense (which probably makes me irresponsible in a financial advisor’s eyes).

    Living below your means while working and not worrying about keeping up with the neighbors nearly always equates to having sufficient funds in retirement.

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