Busting the Bank On Yourself high commission myth

There is no shortage of myths or misconceptions about Bank On Yourself or the specially designed whole life insurance policies used for this safe and proven wealth-building method.

Spilling the beans
Spilling the beans on the myth that financial representatives sell whole life policies for the large commissions

One of the most commonly repeated myths is that financial representatives only sell whole life policies because they receive large commissions for doing so.

Often, that accusation comes from financial planners, investment advisors and money managers who want you to invest in the stock market, instead.

When you watch the video below, you’re going to be shocked to discover that the financial representative who manages your money in the stock market is making at least TEN TIMES MORE than the Bank On Yourself Professional, if the same amount of money is contributed each year! (And Bank On Yourself Professionals receive 50-70% less commission than financial representatives who structure policies the traditional way.)

Maybe that’s the kind of thing Mark Twain had in mind when he said…

A lie can circle the globe in the time it takes truth to put on its shoes”

And for pocketing TEN TIMES MORE of your hard-earned savings, what guarantees does your financial planner or money manager give you? Do they guarantee you that you’ll have a certain amount of money when you’re ready to start taking income from your savings? No! In fact, if you ask them that question, they’ll laugh you out of their office!
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