7 Warning Flags and Financial Risk Factors We Face Today

You know people have gotten too complacent about investing in the stock market and what it takes to grow real wealth when…

  1. People bragging about becoming 401(k) millionaires and posting their balances on social media has become a “thing” (remember when everyone from the company executives to the janitor were bragging at the water cooler about being real estate millionaires, just before the last crash?)
  2. People start to think they can actually retire comfortably on $1,000,000 (you can’t, because the IRS will take at least 25% – 33% off the top, and you’ll need $500,000 just to cover out-of-pocket healthcare and long-term care costs in retirement)
  3. The personal savings rate fell to its third-lowest on record at the end of 2017
  4. Consumer spending is rising, and more of it is being fueled by debt (the last quarter registered the second-largest percentage increase in charge-card debt in a decade)
  5. Inflation is taking a bigger bite out of Americans’ paychecks (real average hourly earnings of 80% of employees fell by half a percent in January – its fifth decline in six months)
  6. Hundreds of major companies have price earnings ratios that are higher than during the height of the 2000 and 2007 bubbles
  7. For a decade now, central banks have pretended they can print up prosperity (which they’ve done at a magnitude beyond imagination… and we’re supposed to have blind faith that they know what they’re doing)

Many people now believe – or act as though they believe – that history doesn’t matter… that somehow this time things are truly different.

It’s never different.

But the markets have a perverse way of punishing those who believe that fundamentals don’t matter anymore and forget that…

Investing in Stocks Doesn’t Automatically Make You Rich

Twice in the past 18 years – between 2000 and 2002, and again between 2007 and 2009 – the stock market has cut investors’ wealth roughly in half.

No one knows when it will happen again, but even a cursory study of market history indicates it will happen.

And most people will be woefully unprepared for the bloody aftermath, thanks to low savings rates and too much debt.

The Critical Difference Between Paper Wealth and Real Wealth

The numbers on your 401(k), IRA and investment account statements, and your home valuations, are paper wealth – they can careen upwards and downwards unpredictably.

They are meaningless numbers until you sell an asset and lock in a gain or loss. Paper wealth can never provide you with true financial security or allow you to know the value of your retirement nest egg on the day you plan to tap into it.

Real wealth, on the other hand, doesn’t disappear when the markets crash.

The high-cash-value dividend-paying whole life policies that the Bank On Yourself concept relies on represent real wealth that doesn’t vanish when the markets crash.

Both your principal and growth are locked in. You don’t go backwards.

The Bank On Yourself safe wealth-building method lets you enjoy an unbeatable combination of advantages, which include liquidity, control of your money, and guaranteed, competitive annual growth… along with some terrific tax benefits.

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