How to Rescue Your Retirement from “Black Swan” Events that Can Scramble Your Retirement Plans

Did you see the coronavirus pandemic coming?

Did you anticipate the disruptions to travel, schools closing, major events being canceled, quarantines, cities and states declaring states of emergency, employees told not to come into work, and chaos at stores as people panic to buy necessities?

Did you expect the Saudis and Russia would start an oil price warprecisely as panic over COVID-19 was reaching a fever pitch – causing crude oil prices to collapse in the biggest one-day move in 30 years?

Did you see it coming that investors would wake up on March 9 drowning in so much fear that panic selling in the market caused a “circuit breaker” to trip and halt trading for 15 minutes, to hopefully allow panic to subside?

You most likely didn’t anticipate any of these things happening now. They are all “Black Swans” – events that come seemingly out of the blue and that you could not foresee or guard against.

It’s been a heart-stopping wake-up call for investors who had become complacent after an 11-year bull market, believing the market only goes up. We’ve learned this lesson the hard way before…

The Stock Market is a Beast You Can’t Predict or Control – It Never Has Been and Never Will Be

It wouldn’t be so scary if it weren’t for the fact that most Americans have very little savings outside of the market, according to the Federal Reserve.

This leaves many people worrying over just how badly their retirement plans have been scuttled.

And we don’t even know if the market sell-off we’ve experienced so far is just the start of a look-out-below plunge, as happened in 2008 and 2000. Could it turn your 401(k) into a 201(k)? Who knows!

The government is looking at ways to stimulate the economy now, such as a payroll tax cut. That will goose the market – at least temporarily – but it’s not going to cure the coronavirus. It’s not going to get people to jump on planes. And it’s not going to make the Saudis and Russia play nice.

And why should the price of oil or an epidemic have any impact on your retirement savings anyway?

We are in uncharted territory and no one truly knows where this mess we’re in will end up.

As you know, the classic definition of insanity is to continue to do things the same way with an expectation of different results. How much of your hard-earned dollars do you want to throw down the hope-and-pray hole?

Life has plenty of uncertainties and unpredictability without adding the worry of whether your retirement savings will be there when you need them, don’t you think?

So if you want to enjoy consistent, predictable growth of your nest-egg every single year, no matter what’s happening in the market or the economy, you must take action today.

The Bank On Yourself strategy gives you an unbeatable combination of advantages, including a 160-year-plus track record of positive growth and has never had a losing year. It bypasses Wall Street, is highly regulated, and is backed by a multi-layer safety net.

In addition, you gain liquidity, access, control, and tax-free retirement income, under current tax law.

Don’t let your inaction turn your retirement dreams into retirement nightmares.

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