Three Ways to Protect Your Heath and Wealth from COVID-19 Coronavirus

On February 21, a director for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) told reporters that health officials are preparing for the COVID-19 coronavirus to become a pandemic, saying, “It’s very possible, even likely, that it may eventually happen.”

The Director noted that the “day may come” where we have to close down schools and businesses like China and other countries have done.

The coronavirus is now spreading rapidly in countries outside of China, including “first world” countries like Italy.

Stock markets around the world have been plunging. And if this situation continues to deteriorate, we could easily be entering a prolonged recession and could see the long-overdue major stock market crash I’ve been warning you about.

The Coronavirus is a “Black Swan Event”

A “black swan event” is an event in human history that was unprecedented and unexpected when it occurred. The 2008 financial crisis is considered to be a black swan event, as is the dot-com bubble of 2000.

And we all know how badly those events ended.

Already the virus has disrupted numerous industries and companies based in the United States. Everything from iPhone parts to wedding gowns and furniture has been impacted.

Can you imagine the effect that prolonged supply chain delays and businesses forced to close down could have on the economy and stock market?

Is the Coronavirus really no worse than the flu?

Some people have said the coronavirus is less of a threat than the flu. After all, as many as 41 million people have gotten the flu this season alone.

But that’s comparing apples to oranges, because only one-tenth of 1% of people who get the flu die from it.

The coronavirus has sickened over 80,000 people so far and is currently estimated to kill 2% of those who contract the disease. This means coronavirus is far more deadly than the flu. And the experts now know it is at least as contagious as the flu and can be transmitted to others even by someone who has no symptoms at all.

So How Do You Protect Your Health and Wealth from the Coronavirus? Here are 3 Ways:

1. Personal hygiene is critical and is something you have control over.

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 40 seconds – the time it takes to sing or hum the “Happy Birthday to You” song – twice. This video shows you the proper way to wash your hands.
  • Never touch the door handle of a public restroom when leaving it. Even if you wash your hands after going, have you ever noticed how many people don’t?
  • Be extra cautious after touching things that have been proven to be loaded with germs – such as restaurant menus, remote controls, phones, and faucets.

2. Prepare for the possibility you could be quarantined for 2 weeks or more.

You have no clue when it might be determined you came into contact with an infected person and are forced to quarantine yourself at home for an extended period of time.

Make sure you have a supply of the following at hand, just in case…

  • Canned foods
  • Water
  • Prescriptions
  • At least $1,000 in cash – preferably more

3. Protect yourself financially.

The fact is that we were already overdue for a major market crash. We’ve had an unprecedented bull market and it’s time to take some of your chips off the table.

The Bank On Yourself safe wealth-building strategy has an unbroken 160+ year history of positive growth, including during…

  • The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 that infected 500 million people worldwide and killed some 675,000 Americans
  • The Great Recession
  • The Great Depression
  • And in every single economic bust, financial crisis and pandemic in between

Although this may be the least of your concerns at this moment, it’s also a retirement plan alternative that lets you take a tax-free income.

You’ll need that protection from higher taxes, because the “free-stuff-for-everyone-and-tax-you-to-death-to-pay-for-it” movement is clearly surging in popularity.

The Time to Take Action is NOW!

This is not the time to drag your feet or wait and see how this all plays out. Take the steps you need to in order protect your hard-earned savings and your financial future. Request your free Analysis here now. You’ll get a referral to a Bank On Yourself Professional who can answer all your questions and show you how you could benefit from a custom-tailored program.

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