Dow Down 512 points – Have You Had Enough Yet?

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The Dow is down 1,300  points (give or take) in just the last two weeks, plunging more than 500 points today alone

The risk has been increasing daily that we will fall into another recession (if we aren’t ALREADY there), making it likely that the volatility in the markets will only continue – and maybe get worse.

If you have money in the stock market and you haven’t read the article I wrote on “Why You Need Dow 27,000 Today,” I urge you to read it now.

Are you sick and tired of the “hope and pray” method of building wealth?

Do you want to have a nest egg that grows by a guaranteed and predictable amount EVERY single year?

Have you just plain had enough? 

The drop was the largest one-day decline in three years.
The drop was the largest one-day decline in three years

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Wall Street already lost more than 45% of investors’ money – TWICE – just in the last decade

You may not vividly remember the sting of the last crash, but please don’t fool yourself into thinking it isn’t going to happen again.

More than $2 trillion of wealth has been wiped out in the past two weeks, but NO one lost a single penny in their Bank On Yourself plan. It’s an asset that has increased in value EVERY year for more than 160 years and remains the ultimate financial security blanket in both good times and bad.

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