Have You Seen This Amazing Amazon.com Review of The Bank On Yourself Revolution Book?

I’ve seen hundreds of reviews of my latest book, The Bank On Yourself Revolution, since its publication in 2014. And they’re fascinating to read because they’re all over the map. Most readers praise the strategy, although a few have damned it. (I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe anyone who has actually used the strategy for themselves has written a review saying they are unhappy.)

In any case, you can see some of the Bank On Yourself reviews here.

As you can imagine, the Amazon reviews for The Bank On Yourself Revolution are highly opinionated!

On the day I wrote this post, there were 138 reviews of The Bank On Yourself Revolution on Amazon.com. I’m thrilled that Amazon customers are giving us their two cents’ worth about the book.

A Very Unusual Review of The Bank On Yourself Revolution on Amazon.com

One Amazon review caught my attention, partly because it included a video – a nine-minute video review of The Bank On Yourself Revolution!

This review was prepared by a Mr. David McClendon, whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting. According to his review, Mr. McClendon has not used the Bank On Yourself strategy – yet here he is, praising it to high heavens. Frankly, I was curious what his angle was, so I went to his website to read David McClendon’s The Bank On Yourself Revolution book review.

In his Amazon.com review of The Bank On Yourself Revolution, Mr. McClendon reveals a flaw everyone else has missed!

I found myself laughing out loud as I read one part of his Amazon.com review – where he talks about the major flaw he found in my book…

“We have looked all the way through The Bank On Yourself Revolution by Pamela Yellen and we have to tell you we did find one flaw. On page 95, when the author is discussing the alternatives to using The Bank On Yourself method, she says we could face a future where we say, ‘And would you like fries with that?’ The flaw is, the training tells you to say, ‘You want fries with that,’ with the tone of a question. It is actually hypnotism at its best. And it works.”

“Well, now that you have read that major flaw (said tongue in cheek), we will tell you that this plan just might work.”

Good catch, Mr. McClendon! That is what they say at the drive-through window, isn’t it?

McClendon included a video in his review of The Bank On Yourself Revolution

Mr. McClendon has created an in-depth video review of The Bank On Yourself Revolution book on Amazon.com.

He begins by saying, “Let me first tell you that I wish that years ago I’d read a book like this. Because if I had, I probably wouldn’t have given up my whole life insurance policy.

“And if I had, maybe when I became disabled – maybe when I got to where I had to stay in the wheelchair and couldn’t see to work – that I would have had the money that I needed to survive, instead of living now off of Social Security and food stamps. And let me tell you it’s no fun living way below the poverty level.”

When you watch the video, you’ll see that this review is unique in several ways. Not the least of them is that it’s by a man who freely admits he made a mistake when he surrendered the whole life insurance policy he had years ago.


Think You’re Uninsurable? Don’t Count Yourself Out!

Mr. McClendon may also be mistaken when he says he is uninsurable now and therefore can’t use the Bank On Yourself method, which uses high cash value dividend-paying whole life insurance.

People are often mistaken when they think…

  • “I’m too old to get a life insurance policy I can afford. The premiums will be sky-high.”
  • “I’ve had cancer or a heart attack, or I have other problems that have left me in poor health. No insurance company would even consider me.”
  • “I have some other unusual circumstance which means I can’t get insurance.” Maybe it’s a dangerous job or a history of alcohol or drug abuse. Maybe it’s something else that they think makes them uninsurable.

Whatever the reason, too many people give up before they learn the facts. They just drop the thought of life insurance then and there.

Major mistake!

They don’t realize they may be able to reap the living benefits of life insurance even if they don’t qualify for a policy on their own life, simply by owning a policy on the life of someone else – such as a spouse, child, business associate, or perhaps even a parent!

If you’re in this situation, don’t count yourself out! A Bank On Yourself Professional can analyze your circumstances, and you may be surprised by what your options are.

In his review of the book The Bank On Yourself Revolution, David McClendon takes the time to explain how the Bank On Yourself method would have helped him through his health and financial challenges.

And he reveals why he wishes he had kept his old whole life insurance policy. Plus, he talks about the benefits of a Bank On Yourself-type plan, based on dividend-paying whole life insurance.

David McClendon Takes on the Critics of The Bank On Yourself Revolution in His Amazon.com Review

McClendon addresses much of the criticism of The Bank On Yourself Revolution book, and from his own personal perspective, he explains how his decision many years ago to “buy term insurance and invest the difference” put him at a financial disadvantage. He tells us…

“You know, maybe you can learn from my mistakes. And my mistakes were that I should have held on to my whole life policy. And term life is just not the way to go. It just isn’t. Now, there are people out there – financial gurus – that will tell you, ‘Now get you a term life policy and invest the difference.’ Well, that’s not working out too good for most people, and it wouldn’t have been working out for me, because when I did drop my whole life policy, that was my intention – to invest the difference. But I just never did.”

Everyone’s Biggest Regret upon Reading The Bank On Yourself Revolution

Mr. McClendon wishes he had heard about the Bank On Yourself strategy sooner – and that’s the same regret most people have when they understand the value of a Bank On Yourself plan.

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