6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Taxmageddon

Updated March, 2022

Our national debt now exceeds the size of the entire U.S. economy, doubling just in the last decade. And it’s growing at a rate that will make your head spin, as a quick glance at the U.S. Debt Clock reveals:

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says this deserves attention because…

Americans will be paying for this for decades.”

Which Means that Higher Taxes are Inevitable and You Must Take Action TODAY to Protect Yourself from the Coming Tax Tsunami!

And the reality is that they can’t possibly raise enough revenue taxing just the “wealthy.”

Did you know that, according to the most recent data available, if you make $69,007 or more, you’re in the top 25% of wage earners? And if you make $118,400 or more, you’re in the top 10%.

As nice as it may sound to be in the top 10% or even the top 25%, it also means you’ve got a giant target on your back when the government is looking for more revenue to cover its obligations.

There are little-known, but legal ways to protect yourself from this tax tsunami, under current tax law. This article explains what you need to do today to shield yourself from some very unpleasant tax surprises down the road.

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Here Are 6 Ways Adding the Bank On Yourself Strategy to Your Financial Plan Can Shield You from Higher Taxes and Expenses:

1. You can access both your principal and gains tax free under current law – in fact, the income you take isn’t even reported to the IRS

If you’re saving in a tax-deferred, government-controlled retirement account like a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, etc., when the tax man comes calling, he won’t ask you what your tax liability would have been if you’d been paying taxes all along. He’ll tell you what your tax liability is at the time your taxes are due… on every penny you put in plus all the growth you’ve received.

People tend to forget about that, according to the Center for Retirement, which says, “it’s a very big deal when people realize they have [so much less money] than they thought they had [in their tax-deferred accounts].

With a Bank On Yourself plan, you pay your taxes up front and then can legally pay ZERO taxes on the retirement income you take, which lets you avoid nasty tax surprises.

(Download a FREE Special Report that Reveals How to Bypass Banks and Wall Street, Gain Control of Your Money and Shield Yourself from Taxmageddon)

2. The income you take isn‘t subject to capital gains taxes

You pay capital gains taxes on the growth in value of investments incurred when you sell them.

However, the Bank On Yourself strategy isn’t considered to be an investment, because it’s guaranteed not to lose money.

3. Reduces the taxes you may have to pay on your Social Security income

It’s fairly common, even if you’re a middle-income earner, to owe taxes on up to 85% of your Social Security benefit. However, the income you take from Bank On Yourself is not included when the IRS determines whether (or how much) of your Social Security check is taxed.

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4. Can reduce your Medicare premiums

Did you know the income you take from conventional retirement plans – like 401(k)s and IRAs – can increase your Medicare premiums by as much as 350%? However, the income you take from Bank On Yourself won’t cause you to pay higher premiums.

5. Income tax-free money for your loved ones when you pass away

Since the Bank On Yourself safe wealth-building strategy relies on a high cash value, low-commission, dividend-paying whole life insurance policy, it comes with an increasing death benefit that passes to your loved ones income-tax free. (The death benefit of many of our family’s policies has already doubled or tripled or more.)

6. Tax-free cash to pay for long term care, nursing home care and home health care

Many Bank On Yourself-type policies allow you to access a significant portion of your policy’s death benefit during your lifetime to pay for chronic or terminal illnesses. Imagine the peace of mind you’d have knowing you could have hundreds of thousands of dollars available to you to cover these costs and provide for care in your own home if you wanted that!

BONUS! Your Money in a Bank On Yourself Policy is Guaranteed to Grow by a Predictable Amount Every Year, and You Don’t Go Backwards When the Market Tanks

You’re bypassing Wall Street and banking institutions. You get access to your money whenever and for whatever you want – no questions asked! (Try doing that with your 401(k) or IRA.)

But It’s Critically Important You Take Action TODAY

Find out how you can grow your nest egg safely and predictably every single year, shield yourself from taxes that can only go higher, and enjoy liquidity, flexibility and control of your money.

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