What would it be like to not even care what the stock market is doing?

Here’s a few of the comments I’ve recently received from folks who use Bank On Yourself to reach a wide range of financial goals and dreams.

The first comes from Devin Smith, a subscriber from Colorado who sells advertising (reprinted with his permission):

The Bank On Yourself program is fantastic! I received my first (annual) statement this month and couldn’t believe the growth in the policy is UP, not DOWN! And my policy has been in place during one of the worst stock market/financial meltdowns in history! I am absolutely sick when I receive my quarterly statements for my 401(k) – I’m down almost 50% in the past year.

I plan to start another Bank On Yourself plan as soon as I can. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful financial tool.”

Every situation is different, and no two Bank On Yourself plans are the same. Yours would be custom tailored to fit your unique financial goals and dreams. So if you want to find out what your bottom-line numbers and results could be if you added Bank On Yourself to your financial plan (if you haven’t already done so), request a free Bank On Yourself Analysis here.

If you’re wondering where you’ll find the funds to start a Bank On Yourself plan, take heart. My book is filled with interviews with folks who were feeling financially pinched and yet, guided by a Bank On Yourself Professional, were soon enjoying the experience of being on the road to financial security. These highly trained specialists can look at your situation and show you ways to restructure your finances, often freeing up additional seed money to start your plan.

When you request your free Analysis at the link above, you’ll also get a referral to a Bank On Yourself Professional who can help you find creative ways to fund your plan.

Getting back to the comments I’ve been receiving from people who use Bank On Yourself, another subscriber just wrote in to tell me the following:

My 401(k) and IRA’s have lost almost 50% of their value, our stocks dropped 65% and it was just horrible all around. The losses were so huge we would’ve never gotten them back by continuing to do what we were doing.

We started four Bank On Yourself plans last year. It has been a huge stress reliever to not even care what the market is doing any more, and it’s wonderful to be in control of our own destiny.”

Can you imagine what it would be like to “not even care what the market is doing”?

The “experts” now telling us “the crisis is over” are the same ones who never saw the crisis coming. Maybe we’re out of the woods. Maybe not. Maybe the stock market will recover its losses soon, or maybe it will take a decade or more, as has happened in the past.

lab rats in a maze

It’s anyone’s guess. But, based on history – REAL history, not the hype and lies Wall Street and the so-called financial “experts” have been feeding us – are you willing to bet your financial future and peace of mind on the same financial strategies that got us into this mess?

lab rats in a maze

Even lab rats will go down a dead-end path in a maze only once or twice before giving up and trying a different way. Humans can waste a lifetime wandering down the same blind alley, refusing to even try going in another direction.

If you’re tired of going down the same blind alley, why not investigate how a Bank On Yourself plan custom tailored to your unique situation can help you reach your goals and dreams?

It’s easy to find out when you request your free Analysis and a referral to a knowledgeable Bank On Yourself Professional.

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