Why You’ll Lose Money in the Market Even When You Invest Rationally

In his 1865 poem “If,” Rudyard Kipling famously wrote, “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs … yours is the earth and everything that’s in it.”

That’s a big “if” at the moment. Let’s face it; few people are “keeping their heads” right now.

We’re drowning in a reactionary stew where everything from an exchange of ideas to a “taper tantrum” seems to cause a convulsive panic in the stock market.

And even if you don’t lose your head, you can STILL lose your money! Here’s why…

Admittedly, October has always been a devilish month for Wall Street. Black Tuesday was October 29, 1929. Black Monday was October 19, 1987. And the crash of 2008 happened on October’s doorstep on September 29, 2008,  when the Dow dropped over 777 points. On October 10 of this year, the Dow dropped 832 points – the third-worst point drop in history.

These are the days of falling acorns and Chicken Littles! It’s in this climate – despite historically low unemployment, robust GDP, and soaring consumer confidence – that 800-plus point sell-offs are even possible.

The problem is not just the prevailing concerns about high debt, trade wars, and rising interest rates; it’s the collective uncertainty and reactionary group-think over which we have no control.

Contagion Has Become the Wild Card Enemy of Wealth Accumulation

It’s a fact: “The average investor earns less – in many cases much less – than mutual fund performance reports would suggest.”

That’s the conclusion of the well-respected research firm DALBAR. They consistently find that the average investor is lucky to even beat inflation over the long term.

So how is that possible?

After decades of analyzing investor behavior in both good markets and bad, they concluded the problem is not just investors simply buying and selling at the wrong times. It’s also the psychological traps, triggers and misconceptions we humans fall prey to, like…

  • Expecting to find high returns with low risk (yeah – and I’ve got a Rolex watch I’ll sell you for $10…)
  • Believing that good things happen to you and bad things only happen to others
  • Copying the behavior of others even in the face of unfavorable results

The reality is you could be as cool as a cucumber, but if those around you think the sky is falling, your portfolio will still likely evaporate

And history indicates it could take years… or even decades… just to get back to where you were.

There IS a better way. What if you could have a secure retirement, safe from all the market madness and shielded from the herd mentality of the masses? What if your nest-egg went up ALL the time – not down, or sideways or plummeting on a tsunami of bad news?

What if your future quality of life did not rest on the rationality of the typical investor, or whether the news of the day is good, bad, or downright terrifying?

Bank On Yourself allows you to take REAL control of your financial future – not just the part where you check a box to indicate how risk tolerant you are.

The Bank On Yourself method features supercharged dividend-paying whole life insurance, an asset that has thrived in every market crash and held its value through every financial panic for more than 160 years.

Bank On Yourself allows you to:

  • Lock-in your principal AND growth even in market downturns
  • Take a tax-free retirement income
  • Bypass government restrictions and access your money without penalty
  • Sidestep banks and be your own source of funding and financing
  • Build a secure nest-egg impervious to the crazy-making Wall Street Casino

“Control your destiny or someone else will,” warned Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE.

Make no mistake – if your retirement lifestyle and security are subject to the whims of the markets, your destiny IS controlled by “someone else.”

A Bank On Yourself plan provides peace of mind amid the panic, taper tantrums and hysteria that has come to dominate today’s investment and savings environment.

Bank On Yourself Puts YOU in Charge of Your Financial Future and Can Provide You With Financial Security for Life

Request a free Analysis here to take the next step. The only regret most people say they have about Bank On Yourself is that they didn’t start sooner, so please don’t put it off.

Whether the world is cautiously optimistic or recklessly pessimistic, the Bank On Yourself strategy will help you keep your hard-earned money and “keep your head.”

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