Flat Earthers and Blind Faith Stock Market Bulls – What Do They Have in Common?

They are the ultimate conspiracy theories – the beliefs that the earth is flat and that economies are not cyclical.

The Flat Earth Society (a movement that is active and growing today) finds the notion of a horizontal earth far more plausible than a round planet perched on an axis. To their members, gravity is an illusion and objects are not pulled down, but rather continually accelerate upward.

Adopting this notion requires one to reject all prevailing scientific wisdom and research. And despite centuries of empirical evidence, some Flat Earthers believe that one could literally walk off the end of the world.

Those who think the current bull market will continue to rise without a crash or major correction are equally illogical. Despite generations of economic theory, Blind Faith Bulls have sunk most of their net worth into equities on the unquestioning belief that stocks will climb unabated.

Flat Earthers and Blind Faith Bulls Share a Common Suspension of Disbelief…

We now sit in the longest bull market in history, and trusting that it will carry on indefinitely is as implausible as presuming that the oceans are held back by vast ice walls.

Wall Street is plagued by the prospects of mounting inflation, slowing growth, debilitating trade wars, and interest rate hikes. In September, Goldman Sachs’ “bear-market” risk indicator rose to its highest level in almost 50 years. Morgan Stanley announced that we’re in a rolling bear market that could cripple stocks indefinitely. And JP Morgan Chase warned that the liquidity binge of the last ten years has set the stage for the next financial crisis.

Even Warren Buffett – one of the most successful investors of all time – warned his stockholders that stocks will experience declines in the range of 37% to 59% and that we’ll have little or no warning of when that will happen.

Flat Earthers will tell you that the earth doesn’t seem round – rather, it “feels” flat. Blind Faith Bulls will tell you that the market doesn’t seem weak, rather it “feels” strong.

But when astrologists tell us that the world is round, and economists warn that the market will collapse, we’d be well served to believe them

The Bank On Yourself strategy provides wealth protection even when the market crashes and is based on the 160-year-plus safety track record of high cash-value dividend-paying whole life insurance as a foundation of financial security.

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  • 1929, when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression followed
  • 1973, when oil prices quadrupled and stagflation set in
  • 1981, when tight monetary policy triggered an economic downturn
  • 2000, when the dot-com bubble burst and investors lost 49-78% of their nest-egg
  • 2008, when the subprime mortgage crisis blew up and was followed by the Great Recession and housing and market crashes

Banker, investor, philanthropist and founder of the Templeton Growth Fund, Sir John Templeton said,

Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die of euphoria.”

The current economy is the product of all of these sentiments, as it rides high on tax cuts, unfettered fiscal spending, and extreme stock market valuations. But as the Fed tightens and our national balance sheet lightens, these factors will fade and cyclical forces will once again prevail.

Gravity is real. Crashes are inevitable.

Having a good chunk of your savings in a Bank On Yourself plan gives you the predictable growth and safety that traditional saving and investing strategies don’t. Your principal and growth are protected, and you have a multi-layer financial safety net to cradle your nest egg. You also have any-time-you-want-or-need-it access to your money – no questions asked.

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Don’t reject the body of evidence and telltale trends that have long demonstrated the cyclical nature of Wall Street.

And for the record, Columbus never believed the earth was flat. When he left port in 1492, he defied his Spanish patrons and set sail to the west instead of the east – precisely because he knew the world was round.

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