Flat Earthers and Blind Faith Stock Market Bulls – What Do They Have in Common?

They are the ultimate conspiracy theories – the beliefs that the earth is flat and that economies are not cyclical.

The Flat Earth Society (a movement that is active and growing today) finds the notion of a horizontal earth far more plausible than a round planet perched on an axis. To their members, gravity is an illusion and objects are not pulled down, but rather continually accelerate upward.

Adopting this notion requires one to reject all prevailing scientific wisdom and research. And despite centuries of empirical evidence, some Flat Earthers believe that one could literally walk off the end of the world.

Those who think the current bull market will continue to rise without a crash or major correction are equally illogical. Despite generations of economic theory, Blind Faith Bulls have sunk most of their net worth into equities on the unquestioning belief that stocks will climb unabated.

Flat Earthers and Blind Faith Bulls Share a Common Suspension of Disbelief…

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Why you need Dow 32,000 today

I have an important question to ask you, and taking a moment now to answer it may rattle you…

When do you think the Dow will go to 32,000?”

Does that seem like a crazy or dumb question?  It’s not.  I’ll explain why in a moment, but I have another question for you first:

What would you consider to be a minimum acceptable annual return on your money for taking on the nerve-wracking risk and volatility of the stock market?

5%?  7%?  Maybe even 10%?

Over the past two years, we surveyed tens of thousands of people about this, and most responded that they wouldn’t consider risking their money in the market unless they could get a 7% or more annual return.

But let’s say you only insisted on a 5% per year return…

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