Miss seeing these stories affecting your finances?

Judging by the questions we’ve been getting from subscribers, there’s a good chance you may have missed one or more of these recent important stories…

1. Why You Need Dow 32,000 TODAY


With the stock market hitting record highs on an almost daily basis, you may be thinking it’s time to throw caution to the wind and go “all in.”


Before you do, check out this article showing why the Dow would have to be over 32,000 right now – TODAY! – to give you just a 5% annual return since May, 1999… after adjusting for inflation.

Even with the Fed’s massive continuing stimulus propping up the stock market, that’s still more than DOUBLE where the Dow is today.

Get the facts and see the proof here.

2. Consumer Alert! Video Reveals the Scary Truth…

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Why you need Dow 32,000 today

I have an important question to ask you, and taking a moment now to answer it may rattle you…

When do you think the Dow will go to 32,000?”

Does that seem like a crazy or dumb question?  It’s not.  I’ll explain why in a moment, but I have another question for you first:

What would you consider to be a minimum acceptable annual return on your money for taking on the nerve-wracking risk and volatility of the stock market?

5%?  7%?  Maybe even 10%?

Over the past two years, we surveyed tens of thousands of people about this, and most responded that they wouldn’t consider risking their money in the market unless they could get a 7% or more annual return.

But let’s say you only insisted on a 5% per year return…

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