Is Bank On Yourself a Scam? Read These Reviews and Decide for Yourself

Scam (noun): a dishonest or illegal plan or activity, especially one for making money

Bank On Yourself (proper noun): A wealth-generating system using dividend-paying whole life insurance policies with riders that supercharge the growth of the policies. These policies are protected by a multi-layer safety net, and the companies recommended for the Bank On Yourself concept are audited by regulators in all 50 states.

Through every economy imaginable, from the terrible Great Depression of the 1930s to the “boom days” of the 1990s, to the Great Recession of 2007 – 2010, the Bank On Yourself strategy has demonstrated unfailing success for well over 160 years.

Do “Bank On Yourself” and “scam” even belong in the same sentence? To read or listen to some self-appointed experts, yeah, they do belong in the same sentence. It’s difficult for the naysayers to recognize such traits as patience, discipline, and self-restraint – the very traits that are prized by those who use and benefit from the Bank On Yourself method of safe wealth-building.

The naysayers would rather say, “It sounds too good to be true, therefore it is too good to be true.” But if something is “too good to be true” just because it sounds “too good,” then what about radio and television, motion pictures, airplanes, and even ballpoint pens? At one time or another, every one of those sounded too good to be true.

When something sounds too good to be true, examine it carefully and thoughtfully. That’s much smarter than running away from it with a closed mind.

Why Do Some People Dismiss Bank On Yourself As a Scam?

There are two very different kinds of people who won’t even consider the possibility that Bank On Yourself is the best thing since cupcakes.

The first kind is people who are honest about their skepticism. Perhaps they have a general distrust of insurance (although they’re always glad they have it when the house catches fire). Or they don’t understand how whole life insurance works.

Perhaps they don’t realize that whole life insurance is fundamentally different from term insurance. Or maybe they haven’t taken the time to learn how a Bank On Yourself policy’s design is uniquely different from other whole life insurance policies.

The other type of person who will never consider Bank On Yourself may understand the concept, but they wish it would go away.

Perhaps it threatens their livelihood. For example, if they have clients who cut back on funding their retirement investments and instead use a Bank On Yourself-type policy to fund their retirement, then these people lose the commissions they presently rake in for having money under management.

Others are media types who have made their living promoting some other type of insurance or investment scheme. They’re afraid they’ll lose their credibility if they admit there’s actually a wealth-building strategy that is guaranteed secure and predictable.

One popular radio and TV personality – the guy who claims you should be able to consistently earn 12% in the stock market – is sponsored by an insurance agency that doesn’t even offer whole life insurance. In fact, they wouldn’t sell it to you even if you asked for it!

Do you think this guy is going to tell his followers to use Bank On Yourself? His sponsors would revolt, and his career would take a nosedive.

Frankly, the self-serving folks who put their personal welfare ahead of the welfare of those they supposedly serve annoy the heck out of me. But I love honest skeptics! At least there’s hope for them!

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Skeptics Discover Bank On Yourself Is Not Too Good to Be True

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Plenty of Bank On Yourself clients started out as skeptics. In fact, most did! But actually using the Bank On Yourself strategy turns skeptics into believers. I’ve never known it to be any other way … not even once!

As you review these Bank On Yourself testimonials, you’ll see how people carefully and thoughtfully examine Bank On Yourself. Some people research their way to understanding … Some get a first-hand report from a friend or relative who uses this strategy … Some, who have an understanding of insurance and finance, simply have an “Ah-ha!” moment when Bank On Yourself is explained to them.

Occasionally a skeptic decides to talk to a Bank On Yourself Professional “to prove they’re wrong,” and comes away realizing the method really is sound.

These former Bank On Yourself skeptics reveal what they discovered …

Read these testimonials and reviews about Bank On Yourself from actual clients. You’ll discover how they overcame their initial skepticism, and how the Bank On Yourself method is helping them financially in many different ways, including …

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The living benefits of a Bank On Yourself-type dividend-paying whole life insurance policy give your personal finances a boost in many different ways.

Senior Business Systems Analyst’s First Reaction: “Bank On Yourself Is Too Good to Be True; It May Be a Scam”

Robert Fontaine, of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, wasn’t sure about Bank On Yourself before he started his first policy back in 2011. “Frankly, Bank On Yourself seemed like it was too good to be true.”

Discover what Robert says now, in his review of Bank On Yourself.

Senior Network Engineer’s Biggest Concern: Bank On Yourself Won’t Actually Deliver the Kind of Growth It Promises

Paul Mareel, a senior network engineer in Macomb, Michigan, put his Bank On Yourself plan into action in 2011. Would it really grow, as his Bank On Yourself Professional promised? He wasn’t sure.

After experiencing the better-than-guaranteed growth of his Bank On Yourself policy for several years, he’s glad he set his skepticism aside, and he says …

Bank On Yourself is a great way to save for retirement. It only goes up, not down, and is not based on the market, which is so volatile right now.”

It’s true! Bank On Yourself only goes up, not up and down like the stock market!

Just four months after Paul got his policy, he was in a bad automobile accident. Someone pulled in front of him at an intersection and totaled his car. Read Paul Mareel’s review to learn how Bank On Yourself saved the day.

Veterinarian Initially Suspects Bank On Yourself of Being a Ponzi Scheme, a Fraud, and a Deception

It took Dr. Paul Hester, of Fairbanks, Alaska, about a year from the time he first learned about Bank On Yourself in 2007 until he was willing to stick his toe in the water.

During that year he conducted research into the strategy and spent many hours working with multiple financial representatives and certified public accountants.

Years later, Paul says he frequently recommends the strategy. Why? In Dr. Hester’s words,

The Bank On Yourself program has the potential to change the lives of people and give them hope in a challenged world.”

Read more from the man who took a year to decide to move forward – and why he finally decided to “take the plunge” (in his words), when you read Dr. Paul Hester’s review of Bank On Yourself.

P.R. Guy’s First Thought When He Heard About Bank On Yourself? “Scam, Scam, Scam!”

Kevin Grutzmacher is a public relations and education coordinator by day, and a rugged individualist and outdoorsman by night. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, he’s an avid hunter and fisherman who loves hauling in the big ones.

But when he first heard about Bank On Yourself, he was afraid he was the catch! … And he was worried about being snared.

However, the tax benefits of Bank On Yourself and his basic distrust of Big Government (read our article, “Could the Government Seize Your 401(k) and IRA Money?” and see how Bank On Yourself is different) led Kevin and his wife to take what he calls a leap of faith and give Bank On Yourself a try.

It wasn’t long before skepticism turned into belief, and Kevin passed along Pamela Yellen’s New York Times bestselling book to his son.

Read more of Kevin’s story in his review of Bank On Yourself here.

Are You a Bank On Yourself Skeptic, Too?

If you’re skeptical of Bank On Yourself, you’re in good company! Many people are when they first hear of it. Are you willing to test your skepticism against reality? If you are, we’ll pay you $100,000 if your wealth-building plan beats Bank On Yourself. Check out our $100,000 Challenge!

Then, find out how easy it is to get started with Bank On Yourself!

To learn how a custom-tailored Bank On Yourself plan can help you reach your financial goals (with no obligation), request your free Analysis. You’ll be referred to a Bank On Yourself Professional – a life insurance agent with advanced training in this concept – who can answer all your questions and, when you’re ready, get things moving.



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