The dangers of fuzzy thinking about money

It often shocks me to see what passes for “journalism” these days in publications many people put their trust in, like the Wall Street Journal.

Slow and Steady Saving?

A recent article in that publication titled, “Slow and Steady Saving Still Pays,” is a classic example of what happens when you use fuzzy thinking and math… and expect to convince readers of your position.

Slow and Steady Saving?

Sadly, I suspect many readers did lap this article up because, after all, it was published in the Wall Street Journal.  They wouldn’t lie to us or lead us astray, would they?!?

I don’t think this article was intentionally written to mislead you.  I believe the author has just been as brainwashed by Wall Street as most Americans have been.

check out this article

“The Unrealized Loss Riddle”
for an eye-opening comparison of saving money in a Bank On Yourself policy versus investing in the stock market.

So what ARE the problems with this article?

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