Shaky Economy Stressing You Out? Here’s What to Do…

Deer in Headlights

Feeling like a deer in the headlights right now? You’re not alone! Soaring inflation, stock market crashing, a pandemic that just won’t go away – and the only light at the end of the tunnel looks like the oncoming train of recession! We’re all getting squeezed from both ends…

Deer in Headlights

It’s costing you 60% more than last year to fill up your gas tank.

Last month, you thought about buying a new home. This month mortgage rates have priced you totally out of the market.

Global supply chain glitches mean that things you bought all the time are almost impossible to find. (Seriously, a sriracha hot sauce shortage?!?)

Your low-interest charge cards are projected to average 20% in a couple of months – and the high-interest rate ones will be off the charts.

A few months ago, you were sitting on your big, juicy 401(k) or IRA and thinking of early retirement. Now, you’re praying they’ll let you keep your job when you’re 82.

Not long ago, you looked at your retirement account balance and felt euphoric. A humongous asteroid could be heading toward earth and the market would still go up! I can relate.

I remember a time when my husband, Larry, and I had most of our retirement savings in the market. We were checking our account every day because it was growing by leaps and bounds. We’d high-five each other and do our happy dance singing, “We’re rich! We’re rich!”

That was in 2000, right before the dot-com bubble burst. Within days, we lost not only all of our “gains” but also a good chunk of our original investment!

What Hit Us Like a Ton of Bricks is That We’d Been Suckered Into Thinking We Had Real Wealth and Financial Security…

But that was just a fairy tale. Those eye-popping numbers turned out to be as substantial as cotton candy in a rainstorm.

Neighbors of ours faced a similar disaster. In early 2008, house prices skyrocketed. Everybody rushed to refinance and pull out their equity. Our neighbors’ house (almost identical to ours) had appraised for nearly 50% more than our last appraisal, so they put it on the market. Three months later, no one had even looked at the house, let alone made an offer.

Two years later, the bank foreclosed on it.

The point is that until you sell an asset, whether it’s a stock, mutual fund, a commodity, cryptocurrency, or real estate, your “gains” aren’t real. They’re a pipe dream that can become a nightmare in the time it takes to brush your teeth. There’s a huge difference between paper wealth and real wealth. Yet, we still get sucked into the paper fantasy.

Your high blood pressure right now is justified. As humans, our natural impulse when everything hits the fan is FIGHT (but how can you fight conditions that are totally out of your control?!?), FLIGHT (but how can you escape from issues that are hitting every country in the world?!?), or FREEZE (just keep in mind that it never works out well for the deer).

You know the most irritating thing about this? YOU DID EVERYTHING RIGHT! You worked hard and put money into your retirement plan. You talked to “experts” and created a financial plan that you followed diligently. You had it all under control.

Except You Didn’t.

You can’t control the economy or what the Fed, in its infinite wisdom, decides to do next. You can’t control Wall Street and the panic of investors and day traders. You can’t control a crazy, brutal invasion in Europe that turns the global economy on its ear.

So, What Can You Do When it Feels Like So Many Things Are Out of Your Control?

I get why you might not want to make big changes to your financial plan right now. But I also know that you don’t need to just grit your teeth, tighten your belt, and bear it.

Now is the perfect time to get information, to do some research and figure out how you can avoid getting clobbered financially in the future.

The most important action you can take today is the first step. And once you do that, you’ll feel more in control and relieved knowing that you have options. As Martin Luther King said:

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Use this time to look into the Bank On Yourself safe wealth-building strategy and see if it’s a good option for you in the future. A Bank On Yourself Professional can answer all your questions and show how it works to protect you from whatever life throws at you. No arm-twisting and no obligation – really!

When you request a free Analysis here right now, you’ll discover how you could enjoy:

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  • 8 places to find the money to build a solid financial foundation

As Winston Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Put this time to good use and take the first step towards taking back control of your financial future.

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You have nothing to lose and a world of financial security to gain.

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