Why you need Dow 27,000 today

I have an extremely important question to ask you, and taking a moment now to answer it will probably rattle you to the core…

stock market rollercoaster

When do you think the Dow will go to 27,000?

Does that seem like a crazy or dumb question?

It’s not.  In fact, it may hold the key to your financial future.

Here’s why…

The Dow has recently been flirting with the 11,500 level, and many people are becoming hopeful that the worst is over and that maybe they’re right when they say that if you just hold on for the long term, you’ll come out ahead.

But did you know that the Dow first closed above 11,000 on May 3, 1999! And since then inflation has taken nearly a 32% bite out of your money’s purchasing power.

Which means that just to get even with where you were 11-1/2 years ago, the Dow would have to jump to just over 14,500 – 3,000 points above where it is today!

What do you consider to be a minimum acceptable annual return on your money, for taking on the nerve-wracking risk and volatility of the stock market?

Five percent? Seven percent?  Maybe even 10 percent?

Let’s say you’d insist on a 5%-per-year return. That means the Dow would have to be at almost 27,000 right now – TODAY! – to give you just a 5% cumulative annual return, after adjusting for inflation!

What if your minimum acceptable return is 7% a year?  The shocking reality is that the Dow would have to be at almost 34,000 NOW – to give you thatSee the numbers and proof for yourself.

And that takes us back to my first question…

How long do you think it will take the Dow to hit 27,000… or 34,000?”

There’s more bad news: I didn’t even take into account any investment or retirement account fees, or any taxes, all of which will take another huge bite out of your nest egg.

Can you see why relying on the stock market for your financial security and retirement is a losing battle?

And are you really willing to “bet the family farm” on it?Farmer with family by pickup truck

It’s a decision only you can make. But it helps to have the facts at hand to counter the endless babble and brainwashing that Wall Street and financial planners spew.

As a new year approaches, many people take stock of their situation and decide how they want their lives to improve.

If you’re determined to take back control of your financial future, and you haven’t already started to Bank On Yourself, I urge you to take the first step – not later, not “when the time is right,” but now.

You can request a free Analysis that will show you how you could have a nest egg that grows at a guaranteed and predictable rate, and that never has a losing decade – or even a losing day.

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And if you’re one of the more than 500,000 Americans who already use this method, congratulations! You can give yourself another pat on the back for the courage and foresight to buck the conventional wisdom.


  1. As you stated many times, there are periods when the stock market does nothing. I used to work for a brokerage firm until I saw what a racket it was. Now friends at my new career are thrilled to see that the Dow is up, but I have a video tape (remember those?) when the Dow hit 10,000 in 1999. I taped CNBC because I knew it wouldn’t last.

    I still study the markets and if this is anything like the past, the “earliest” we will see a “sustained” breakout will be 2018. History has shown that we must have a market leader, like we did with tech in the 90’s for a bull market in stocks. Right now, the closest thing we might have is green technology. But it won’t hit critical mass for a market rally for a long time.

    Also, housing and employment have to get to a point where there is steady building of homes and the banks aren’t afraid to lend for mortgages and people aren’t afraid of losing their jobs. We aren’t there yet either.

    Just my honest opinion.

  2. Joyce Burkes says:

    What do you offer a person who is semi-retired, wanting to invest to produce steady income? Thanks.


  3. Doesn’t anybody realize that the insurance companies invest in the same stock market that they are bashing. So if they are going to guarantee you 3% every year then they are probably going to make 6% (this is how they stay in business and make a profit). People need to realize the truth!

  4. They have to be investing in stocks and bonds. What gives?

  5. Chris White says:

    What happens when you borrow funds at 8% and the dividend rate is 5% and you have trouble paying back the loan? Great intention, just bad timing / loss of job / etc. Isn’t the cost of insurance going up every year? Is not that excessive loan rate that charges more than the current dividend going to be an issue if the policy Lapses?

    Please give your input

    • Loan interest is running about 5% now, with the companies used by the Bank On Yourself Advisors.

      An extended job loss could be a problem in the early years. However, these policies are structured to give the policy owner lots of flexibility. And about 60-70% of the premium is optional. Even during the financial crisis, the policies placed by the Bank On Yourself advisors had an extremely low lapse rate.


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