The Bank On Yourself No-Nonsense Guide to Life Insurance

Life insurance is a subject we don’t like to think about. It’s right up there with going to the dentist and writing the annual Christmas letter. (Do people still even do that?)

Thinking about life insurance is one more reminder that we may not live forever. Ugh.

But not going to the dentist doesn’t make things better. And not thinking about life insurance won’t help you live longer.

On the other hand, going to the dentist and thinking about life insurance are two really positive things you can do that are almost guaranteed to make your life better.

If peace of mind, a sense of security, and the knowledge that you’re doing all you can for your family and yourself are important to you, then it’s wise to spend a little time thinking about life insurance.

But life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated or boring—which is why we created this Consumer-Friendly Guide to Life Insurance.

Here are some interesting facts about life insurance that we cover in our Guide. Did you know that …

  • Life insurance finds its roots in the civilization of Ancient Rome? Our Roman forefathers and foremothers had challenges paying for funerals then, just as we do now. Some Roman guy (or gal) figured out that if everybody chipped in to the “funeral pool” on a regular basis, there would be enough to solve the problem. Our Guide to Life Insurance tells a little more, if history is your thing.
  • All life insurance offers “death benefits,” but only certain kinds of life insurance offer “living benefits”? Living benefits are offered before you die, and death benefits are offered … well, you get the idea. We’ll reveal why you may be interested in both kinds of benefits.
  • Even some people who have no families or dependents buy life insurance—and often for very good reason? Hint #1: It’s not to provide for the care and feeding of their cats. Hint #2: Any time you can do something to reduce your taxes, increase your security, and build your stash of cash, it’s an idea worth looking at twice.
  • The “cheapest” life insurance can turn out to be the most expensive? People who would rather buy one pair of quality shoes every few years often spend less on footwear than folks who are happy to buy a replacement pair of cheap shoes every few months. It’s always smart to look at the big picture. It’s like the age-old question, “Is it cheaper to rent a house or to buy a house?” You’ve got to ask one more question before you can give an answer: “Do you mean in the short run or in the long run?” And it’s the same with life insurance.
  • You can qualify for life insurance—even if some agent tells you that because of your health or age, you are uninsurable? It’s true. It may not be as easy as a walk in the park, but it can be done. You need to make some phone calls, visit some websites, explore your options. We show you what to do.

Would you be surprised to learn these critical life insurance facts? …

  • The type of life insurance that some people say you should never buy is the only type many truly informed shoppers purchase. Why do some people say “never” and “always,” anyway? For example, there are so-called experts who say, “You should always keep your insurance and your savings separate. Never combine them.” And they nod as they say that, almost as if they’re trying to convince themselves they know what they’re talking about.

Shucks, in this day and age, we combine so many things. Cross a computer, a camera, a wristwatch, and telephone, and you get a smartphone. There’s a chance the printer hooked to your computer is also a copier, a scanner, and a fax machine. When combining things makes good sense, we do it! And combining your life insurance with insured savings makes all kinds of sense.

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  • Some people have fired their banker and become their own source of financing. It’s a nice position to be in, and life insurance actually has something to do with it. Our no-nonsense guide may open your eyes to some new and exciting ideas.
  • Some people pay more, and some pay less, for the very same life insurance coverage—even if they are twins. Some of the reasons are out of your control, but many are not. We tell you what you can do to lower your insurance rates.

These topics—and many more—are covered in our No-Nonsense Guide to Life Insurance. It will get you up to speed reasonably quickly.

Actually, “no-nonsense” might make you think our Guide is dry and boring. It’s not, because we kept things light and entertaining. In fact, our lead writer on this project was a morning disk jockey for 30 years in a major Southern California radio market, before he became a life insurance expert. Maybe he’s not as funny here as he was on the radio, but he’s not bad.

Get Your FREE Report!

Get instant access to the FREE 18-page Special Report that reveals how super-charged dividend paying whole life insurance lets you bypass Wall Street, fire your banker, and take control of your financial future.

We respect your email privacy

In Our Life Insurance Guide, We Give You Easy-to-Understand Answers to Questions Like:

Before Woody Allen made it into a funny movie, there was a serious book by Dr. David Reuben called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, but Were Afraid to Ask. Well, this is not that book.

But perhaps we could have called this Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Life Insurance, but Didn’t Know Who to Ask. Yes, it’s actually that good. As you scan the table of contents below, what looks interesting to you? Click and learn! Most articles will take you only five or ten minutes to read.

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Table of Contents for the Guide to Life Insurance

The Bank On Yourself No-Nonsense Guide to Life Insurance was written for you by people who care, people who know what they’re talking about, and people who want the best for you and your loved ones.

Whether you want to have tax-advantaged growth of your money, a good lifestyle for your family after you’re no longer counted in the census, or you want to leave a legacy for those not yet born, a working knowledge of life insurance can help you meet your goals.

So check out our helpful No-Nonsense Guide to Life Insurance now, while you’re thinking about it.

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