Enter Our Stock Market Contest and Win $500!

The results of our “guess what the Stock Market will close at on the day after the election” contest are in!

We had almost 150 entries (I’m surprised there weren’t more – it was an easy way to win up to $500!).

Most people who entered guessed high – often way high. And the range of guesses was enormous; the Dow closed at 12,932.70, but the guesses ranged from 10,000 to 16,000!  Which points out the sheer unpredictability of the stock market, which has barely budged for the past 13 years. (Ready to say goodbye to the roller coaster ups and downs of stocks and other volatile investments?  Request your FREE Analysis and find out how much your financial picture could improve if you added Bank On Yourself to your financial plan.)

And the winners were…

The Dow and S&P closes on the day after the Election
  • Bill Liebler – who was within about 12 points of where the Dow closed – won a $250 Amazon Gift Certificate. I interviewed Bill in my New York Times best-selling book  in chapters 7 and 10.  Among other things, Bill uses Bank On Yourself to fund his daughter’s college education.  To learn more about why Bill thinks Bank On Yourself beats using a 529 plan, UGMA or other government sponsored plan, check out this article and video.
  • And Jim Vana was the other winner of a $250 Amazon Gift Certificate for coming the closest (within 1 1/2 points) of where the S&P 500 closed.

And thanks to all who participated!

Here were the simple contest rules…

1. Post your guess of what the Dow and/or S&P will close at, on Wednesday, November 7, the day after the election, in the comments box below.

2. The person who comes closest to guessing where the Dow actually closes will win a $250.00 Amazon.com Gift Certificate, and the person who comes closest to guessing where the S&P 500 closes will win a $250.00 Amazon.com Gift Certificate. You can take a guess on both indexes and win $500.00 if both of your entries come closest.

3. In the event of a tie, the winners will split the prizes(s)

4. Only one entry per person is allowed and be sure to include a correct email address, so we can send your Gift Certificate to you if you win (your email address will not be published).

5. Only U.S. residents over age 18 qualify to win

6. Your entry must be posted in the comments box at the bottom of this blog post by midnight, Wednesday, October 24, 2012 to qualify

Note: We’d also love to hear if you’re in the stock market or out of it now – and why – so feel free to add a comment about that when you post your entry in the comments box below, along with your guess for what the Dow and/or S&P 500 will close at on Wednesday, November 7.

Please note that all comments are moderated, which means there will be some delay before your entry/comment appears.

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  1. Well lets see….I will guess that the stock market likes OBama(can’t figure that one) and dislikes Romney soooo:
    Dow Jones will be:12785.61 and the S&P will be at 1324.50.
    Yes I don’t understand two things about the market…1) How can this market be so high when all finances in this country are so bad)

  2. Dow 13,731.10
    S&P 1,493.49

    NOTE: I’m still in the stock market, but mostly out of the US dollar – holding very little in the US. I’m thinking about completely liquidating everything, but the “tax hit” is steep. If the market peaks and my portfolio recovers somewhat, then I may revisit the liquidation idea.

  3. A lot will depend on who gets elected. Not sure by the contest if it is the day after election close or opening of that next day, but assuming it is day after election close. If R/R win, then I’m probably low, if BO/JB win, then I think mine is correct. I’ve been of the belief that BO will get reelected since so many polls don’t factor in Gary Johnson and I think the Libertarians will get 10-15% of the vote, question is will it be taking from R/R or will it be split given how many young folks that voted for BO are disillusioned by his policies and lack of jobs.

    Dow – 12945
    S&P – 1355

    Hope I win – $500 would go a long ways for Christmas shopping!!

    Bill Liebler

  4. On wednesday November 7, 2012; after the election, my guess is that the Dow will close at 13,785 and the S&P will close at: 1,473.

    I am currently in the stock market because my company who I work for had an employee stock purchase plan and a 401k. I had both company stock and 401k plan. I currently putting about 10% to 15% of my income into the stock market and 30% to 40% of my income into a whole life insurance. No savings ,money market, and CD.

  5. Pamela,

    DOW will be 14,150 at close of November 7, 2012 trading session.
    S&P will be at 1,878 at close of trading on November 7, 2012.

    I hope I win.

  6. Pamela, I submit the DOW will slip below 10,000 the day after the US presidential election. Due to the unfortunate occurrence of citizen majority re-election of our current leader?

  7. Dow 13698
    S&P 1489
    This is positive thinking of Romney being elected and thinking they will bounce up with a brighter outlook.

    With the advise of my new Bank on Yourself adviser, I moved my existing 401K funds out of the mutual funds and into a bond fund. When a friend of mine mentioned the 205 point drop in the Dow on Friday i just smiled. Not to worry.

  8. 1. If a retired person transfers their traditional ira to a roth ira and they do not have a roth ira, but are over 59 1/2, do they have to wait 5 years to access their tax-free gains from that ?

    2. If someone can not have a roth ira because of their high income, so they do a non-deductible ira instead, can they then transfer this ira to a roth ira and wait 5 years and age 59 1/2 before they access the tax-free gains?

  9. Obama wins, Dow down to 12,850 (gold up $75), S&P close at 1,350. i have stopped participating in the market…no need to!

  10. Pamela – thanks for running context- my guess was based on a couple of factors – continued slow down in Europe, fiscal cliff scaring folks, risk of taxes going way up on capital gains, and that I thought Obama would be reelected. I hate being right about that last item, but hey I won $250!!!

    Keep on putting money in BOY – it is the way to go

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