How to become your own source of financing

Updated November, 2019

In a Nutshell: By using a little-known form of high cash value, dividend-paying whole life insurance, you can essentially be your own “bank” — your own source of financing — instead of relying on traditional lending institutions.

What if you could bypass banks, finance and credit card companies altogether and become your own source of financing?

It’s easier to do than you might think and hundreds of thousands of people are already doing it!

To show you how to become your own “bank” — your own financing source — we’ve created a fast-paced video. This video reveals . . .

  • A way to make major purchases that beats financing, leasing or even paying cash for them!
  • How the Bank On Yourself method lets you use your money to buy things…  but still have it earning interest and dividends for you
  • Six ways this method beats using traditional financing
  • How famous people like Walt Disney and J.C. Penney used this method – when no banker would lend them a dime
  • How the average family can add $500,000 – or more – to the their lifetime wealth, simply by running their car and vacation purchases through a Bank On Yourself plan

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Would you like to find out how much more wealth you could have when you become your own source of financing?

No two Bank On Yourself plans are alike. Each is custom tailored to your unique situation, goals and dreams. To find out what your bottom-line, guaranteed numbers and results would be if you added Bank On Yourself to your financial plan, request a free, no-obligation Analysis today, if you haven’t already done so.

If you’re wondering where you’ll find the money to fund your plan, keep in mind the Bank On Yourself Professionals are masters at helping people restructure their finances to free up money to fund a plan. Here are the eight most common places they look.

Here’s another video you may be interested in…

Would you like to see a specific example showing how much guaranteed and predictable income you could have in retirement, using the Bank On Yourself method?

Click the play button in the video below to see a fascinating example:



  1. Just forwarded this link to my brother-in-law who is asking me whether to pay cash or finance his new car purchase. I think it will blow his mind!

    • A Bank On Yourself plan is taxed like a Roth IRA, you pay the premiums with after-tax money. You can learn more about the tax advantages of these plans here.

      You take retirement income through a combination of withdrawals of your dividends and loans against your cash value. If done properly, you can do this with no taxes due on it, under current tax law.

      A Bank On Yourself Professionals can show you how your retirement income might play out depending on whether you continue paying premiums using the policy’s internal values (as opposed to out-of-pocket) or by taking the policy “paid-up,” which means no further premiums are due.

      That’s part of the value of working with a Professional. To get a referral to one and a free Analysis (if you haven’t already done so), you can do that here.

  2. Im from Honduras , central América , do you know if this concepts can be apply outside de USA ¿ thank you

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