Why half of households will STILL struggle in retirement

Even with the run-up in the stock market and housing prices, half of all American households are at significant risk of not being able to maintain their current standard of living after retirement.

That’s the conclusion of a surprising new study released last week by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

That’s only slightly better than the Center’s National Retirement Risk Index showed in 2010, in spite of a 45% inflation-adjusted increase in the stock market and a 6% increase in home prices since then.

In fact, the Center’s research shows the picture is even worse than in 2007, which is why the study concluded…

The Only Way Out is to Save More and Work Longer”

senior worker
The problem with the “work longer” part is that almost half of all retirees were forced out of work earlier than they planned due to layoffs, poor health, or the need to take care of a loved one.  So “working forever” may not be an option you can count on, even if you were okay with saying, “And would you like fries with that?” a hundred times a day.

I’d like to add another key factor to the mix:  Stop counting on paper profits!

You know that 45% increase in stocks and 6% increase in home values we just talked about?

They’re meaningless!

Yup, meaningless.  Say what?!?  We’ve been seduced into believing we have real wealth by eye-popping numbers on pieces of paper.  Whether that’s your brokerage account or 401(k) statement, a home appraisal, or the price of an ounce of gold, those numbers are meaningless unless you sell the asset and (hopefully) lock in a gain.

That’s called “market timing,” and most people and experts fail miserably at it.


For the record, when you use the Bank On Yourself method, it’s very different.  The numbers on your annual statements represent real wealth that doesn’t disappear when the markets crash.  Plus, your plan is guaranteed to grow by a larger dollar amount every single year – even if the market tanks!

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