October 2018 Was Among the Most Volatile Month for Stocks in 118 Years

October was one of the most volatile months for the Dow since 1900. Back then, we were hopping on the first electric buses in New York City and enjoying a new kind of sandwich called a “hamburger” in New Haven. And, we were piling onto an early “Loop the Loop” roller coaster on Wall Street.

Fast forward to October 2018… and enter the Zero-G Inversion Coaster. The Dow fell by over 1,000 points in two days. The S&P 500 dipped in and out of correction multiple times. The Nasdaq plummeted 700 points mid-month, soared over 300 points the next week, and then tumbled back down over 500 points toward month-end. It comes as no surprise that the Fear Index also hit a 3-month high.

It wasn’t Halloween that spooked the markets last month…

Investors had plenty to fear with trade wars, tariffs, rate hikes, Fed policy, underwhelming earnings, slumping housing data, and political partisanship run wild. And as the sugar high of tax cuts, low interest rates and low inflation wears off, there’s a pervading sense that we’ve reached some sort of flashpoint.

What keeps economists up at night? One very sobering question:

What if This Economy is “as Good as It Gets”?

Michael Gapen, chief U.S. economist for Barclays Capital, told the Wall Street Journal last month, “We think U.S. growth may have just peaked.” He expects both consumer and government spending to downshift in the days ahead. Meanwhile, analysts are issuing endless warnings about “peak earnings,” and the majority of investors now also believe that 2018 is a “peak year” for stocks.

We all know what follows a peak!

These are the days where a Wall Street wager looks a lot like the “slot odds” at Circus Circus – without the free drinks of course!

As a recent article in Bloomberg noted

“This late in a bull market, stocks are liable to reprice with blinding speed as markets assess the impact of rising interest rates and wage inflation.”

This is NOT the time to gamble with your retirement savings. Instead of counting cards, start counting benefits!

Bank On Yourself is a “Peak-Proof” Financial Strategy that Gives You All These Advantages:

  • Guaranteed Growth Every Year – Even in a Volatile Market
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What if the Fed can’t help us?

There’s a lot of talk of an imminent economic slowdown. The recession timeline estimates range from the second half of next year to the third quarter of 2020. And there’s even greater concern that the Fed is tapped out from propping up the economy during the last recession and doesn’t have enough ammo left to pull us back from the brink in the coming months.

Don’t forget, interest rates are STILL historically low, and the national debt is STILL historically high! This leaves the Fed with nowhere to go!

So, if your retirement plan is relying on a “Bed of Roses Economy,” keep reading…

For many Americans, the size of their nest egg is contingent on the “good times” continuing to roll along. Recurring stock market record highs have helped produce legions of paper millionaires. The market has single-handedly fattened IRA accounts, beefed up 401(k)s, and pumped up home prices.

The market can also single-handedly flatten IRA accounts, turn 401(k)s into 201(k)s, and deflate home prices, just like in the last two crashes we’ve had since 2000.

Violent price swings are a sign of RISK, and “white-knuckling it” is not a plan.

If You Were Afraid to Look at Your Retirement Account Statements Last Month, Consider This:

Bank On Yourself can help you accumulate wealth safely and consistently – no matter what’s happening in the economy or the stock market – unlike the brokerage houses, big banks, and the rigged dice joints where the odds are strategically stacked against you.

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Yes, October was one of the most volatile months on Wall Street in 118 years, but Bank On Yourself has never had even a losing month in over 160 years.

Your peace of mind and retirement security depend upon what you do NEXT!

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